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Flagitious 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Flagitious in Sentence

A flagitious crime.

Flagitious Synonyms

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Flagitious in Detail

1. وحشیانہ Wehshiyana سفاکانہ Safakana : Heinous Flagitious : extremely wicked, deeply criminal.

A flagitious crime.

Related : Wicked : morally bad in principle or practice.

2. سفاکانہ Safakana ظالمانہ Zalimana : Atrocious Grievous Monstrous Flagitious : shockingly brutal or cruel.

Related : Evil : morally bad or wrong.

Useful Words

Barbarous Brutal Cruel Fell Roughshod Savage Vicious : ظالمانہ Zalimana : (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering. "Brutal beatings"

Criminal Crook Felon Malefactor Outlaw : مجرم Mujrm : someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime. "He was a criminal"

Extremely Highly : نہایت Nihayat : to a high degree or extent; favorably or with much respect. "Highly successful"

Shockingly : انتہائی درجہ Intehai Darja : extremely. "Teachers were shockingly underpaid"

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