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Flash 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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The lights were flashing. A flash car.

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1 اچانک سے چمکنا : Flash : (noun) a sudden intense burst of radiant energy.

Related : Occurrent : an event that happens. Spark : a momentary flash of light.

2 چمکنا Chamakna ٹمٹمانا Timtimana جلملانا Jilmalana : Blink Twinkle Wink Winkle Flash : (verb) gleam or glow intermittently.

The lights were flashing.

Related : Flicker : flash intermittently.

3 بھدا Bhdda بھونڈا Bhonda : Brassy Cheap Flashy Garish Gaudy Gimcrack Loud Meretricious Tacky Tatty Tawdry Trashy Flash : tastelessly showy.

A flash car.
A flash plane.+ More

4 وضاحت سے آنا Wazahat Se Aana : Flash : (verb) appear briefly.

The headlines flashed on the screen.

Related : Appear : come into sight or view.

5 اکڑ دکھانا Aakar Dekhana شان دکھانا Shan Dekhana : Flaunt Ostentate Show Off Swank Flash : (verb) display proudly; act ostentatiously or pretentiously.

Related : Expose : to show, make visible or apparent.

6 لمحہ Lamha بہت کم وقت میں Bohat Kam Waqt Men جیسے پلک کا جھپکنا Jesay Palak Ka Jhapakna : Blink Of An Eye Heartbeat Instant Jiffy New York Minute Split Second Trice Twinkling Wink Flash : (noun) a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat).

If I had the chance I`d do it in a flash.

Related : Second : an indefinitely short time.

7 تیزی سے دوڑنا Tezi Se Dorna : Dart Dash Scoot Scud Shoot Flash : (verb) run or move very quickly or hastily.

Related : Tear : move quickly and violently. Step On It : move fast.

8 تیز ی سے دکھانا Tez Y Se Dekhana : Flash : (verb) expose or show briefly.

He flashed a $100 bill.

Related : Show : make visible or noticeable.

9 مختصر خبر Mukhtasar Khabar اہم خبر Eham Khabar : News Bulletin Newsbreak Newsflash Flash : (noun) a short news announcement concerning some on-going news story.

Related : Bulletin : a brief report (especially an official statement issued for immediate publication or broadcast).

10 کیمرے کی Camray Ki فلیش بلب Falish Balb فوٹو چمکارا لیمپ Photo Chmkara Lamp : Flash Bulb Flash Lamp Flashbulb Flashgun Photoflash Flash : (noun) a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph.

Related : Lamp : an artificial source of visible illumination.

Flash in Book Titles

Flash CS5: The Missing Manual.
Building Flash Web Sites For Dummies.
Coping with Flash Floods.
Beginning Flash Game Programming For Dummies.

Useful Words

Burst : اچانک نکلنا Achanak Nikalna : emerge suddenly. "The sun burst into view"

Energy Free Energy : توانائی Tawanai : (physics) a thermodynamic quantity equivalent to the capacity of a physical system to do work; the units of energy are joules or ergs. "Energy can take a wide variety of forms"

Gleam Gleaming Glow Lambency : روشنی کی جھلک Roshni Ki Jhalak : an appearance of reflected light.

Glow : چمکنا Chamakna : emit a steady even light without flames. "The fireflies were glowing and flying about in the garden"

Intense : شدید Shadeed : possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree. "Intense heat"

Beaming Beamy Effulgent Radiant Refulgent : چمکیلا Chamkila : radiating or as if radiating light. "The beaming sun"

Sudden : اچانک رونما ہونے والا چیز : happening without warning or in a short space of time. "He felt a sudden pain"

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