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Folks meaning in Urdu

Folks Sentences

On the day of Eid, all the folks of our family, our siblings gather in our house for the feast.
He wrote to his folks every day.

Folks Synonyms

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Folks in Detail

1 of 2) Folks : والدین : (noun) your parents.

Related : Plural Form : the form of a word that is used to denote more than one. Tribe : group of people related by blood or marriage.

2 of 2) Folks, Common People, Folk : لوگ, عوام : (noun) people in general (often used in the plural).

Folks around here drink moonshine.

Related : People : (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively. Gentlefolk : people of good family and breeding and high social status. Home Folk : folks from your own home town.

Useful Words

Commons, Third Estate : عام آدمی : the common people.

Pleb, Plebeian : عام لوگوں سے متعلق : one of the common people.

Hoi Polloi, Mass, Masses, Multitude, People, The Great Unwashed : عوام : the common people generally. "Separate the warriors from the mass".

Family, Family Line, Folk, Kinfolk, Kinsfolk, Phratry, Sept : قریبی رشتے دار : people descended from a common ancestor. "His family has lived in Massachusetts since the Mayflower".

Populace, Public, World : عام : people in common or general considered as a whole. "He is a hero in the eyes of the public".

Rabble, Ragtag, Ragtag And Bobtail, Riffraff : ایلا میلا : disparaging terms for the common people. "Don`t consider me riffraff".

Camp, Clique, Coterie, Ingroup, Inner Circle, Pack : گروہ : an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose. "Coterie of social workers".

Stampede : افراتفری : a headlong rush of people on a common impulse. "When he shouted `fire` there was a stampede to the exits".

Totemism : ٹوٹم پسندی : belief in the kinship of a group of people with a common totem.

Nationality : قومیت : people having common origins or traditions and often comprising a nation. "Immigrants of the same nationality often seek each other out".

Common Touch : مشترک خصوصیت : the property of appealing to people in general (usually by appearing to have qualities in common with them). "Voters like a candidate who has the common touch".

Front, Movement, Social Movement : تحریک : a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals. "He was a charter member of the movement".

Lobby : گروہ : the people who support some common cause or business or principle or sectional interest.

Congregation, Faithful, Fold : اجتماع : a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church. "He was talking about congregation".

Acne Vulgaris : جوانی کے دانے : the most common form of acne; usually affects people from puberty to young adulthood. "He is going to treat acne vulgaris".

Spiritualism : روحانیت : the belief that the spirits of dead people can communicate with people who are still alive (especially via a medium).

Lockdown : لوگوں کو ایک جگہ محدود کرنا : the act of confining prisoners to their cells or common people at their place (usually to regain control during a riot). "Lockdown has been extended until December".

Endemic, Endemic Disease : علاقائی مرض : a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location.

Domain, World : لوگ : people in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest. "The Western world".

Association : انجمن : a formal organization of people or groups of people. "Association of local market".

Folk Tale, Folktale : عوامی کہانی : a tale circulated by word of mouth among the common folk. "Folk tale books".

Home Folk : علاقے کے لوگ : folks from your own home town. "Our home folk have changed".

Interest, Interest Group : مفاداتی گروہ : (usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims. "The iron interests stepped up production".

Foster Sister, Foster-Sister : منہ بولی بہن : your foster sister is a female who is not a daughter of your parents but who is raised by your parents. "I consider my foster sister my actual sibling".

Clan Member, Clansman, Clanswoman : خاندان کا رکن : a member of a clan.

Assemble, Gather, Get Together : لوگوں کو جمع کرنا : get people together. "Assemble your colleagues".

Chief, Chieftain, Headman, Tribal Chief : چودھری : the head of a tribe or clan. "The chieftain was arrested and jailed for leading attacks".

Clannish : قبائلی : characteristic of a clan especially in being unified. "Clannish loyalty".

Maimed, Wounded : زخمی : people who are wounded. "They had to leave the wounded where they fell".

Dutch, Dutch People : نیدر لینڈ کی عوام : the people of the Netherlands. "Dutch people live in Netherlands".

Single-Handed, Unassisted, Unbacked : کسی کی مدد کے بغیر : unsupported by other people.

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