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Formaldehyde   Meaning in Urdu

آتش گیر گیس

1. Formaldehyde - Methanal : آتش گیر گیس : (noun) a colorless poisonous gas; made by the oxidation of methanol.

Useful Words

Colorless - Colourless : پھیکا : lacking in variety and interest. "A colorless and unimaginative person"

Made : بنایا ہوا : produced by a manufacturing process. "Bought some made goods at the local store; rope and nails"

Methanol - Methyl Alcohol - Wood Alcohol - Wood Spirit : بھڑک اٹھنے والا : a light volatile flammable poisonous liquid alcohol; used as an antifreeze and solvent and fuel and as a denaturant for ethyl alcohol.

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