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1 of 9) Found, Bump, Chance, Encounter, Find, Happen : اتفاقیہ مل جانا : (verb) come upon, as if by accident; meet with.

3 of 9) Found, Constitute, Establish, Institute, Plant : قائم کرنا, بنیاد رکھنا, شروع کرنا : (verb) set up or lay the groundwork for.

4 of 9) Found, Detect, Discover, Find, Notice, Observe : سراغ لگانا, پتہ لگانا : (verb) discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of.

We found traces of lead in the paint.

5 of 9) Found, Ascertain, Determine, Find, Find Out : تعین کرنا, دریافت کرنا : (verb) establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey, or study.

The physicist who found the elusive particle won the Nobel Prize.

6 of 9) Found, Discover, Find : دریافت کرنا : (verb) make a discovery, make a new finding.

Physicists believe they found a new elementary particle.

7 of 9) Found, Discover, Find : جاننا : (verb) make a discovery.

She found that he had lied to her.

8 of 9) Found, Find, Get, Incur, Obtain, Receive : لینا, پانا : (verb) receive a specified treatment (abstract).

9 of 9) Found, Find, Recover, Regain, Retrieve : پھر سے حاصل کر لینا, واگزار کرنا : (verb) get or find back; recover the use of.

She found her voice and replied quickly.

Useful Words

Hit : اتفاق سے ملنا , Chancy : اتفاق پر منحصر , Olecranon : کہنی کی ہڈی کے جوڑ کے آگے کی ہڈی , By Chance : اتفاق سے , Wrecked : تباہ شدہ , Shipwreck : جہاز کی سمندر میں تباہی , Casualty : حادثاتی طور پر زخمی ہونا یا مرنا , Crash : حادثہ , Condyle : مہرہ , Derailment : ٹرین کا پٹڑی سے اترنے کا عمل , Accidental Injury : حادثاتی چوٹ , Collision : تصادم , Harm : زخم , Hit-And-Run : مار کے بھاگنا , Maybe : شاید , Chance : اتفاق ہونا , Odds-On : روشن امکان , Aleatory : اتفاقی , Druthers : پسندیدگی , Say : کہنے کا موقع , Haphazard : اتفاقی , Lottery : قسمت آزمائی کا کھیل , Accident : ناگہانی , Adventitious : اتفاقی , Throw : باری , Passer : گزرنے والا , Likely : ممکنہ طور پر , Lay On The Line : خطرہ , Accidental : حادثاتی , Casual : اتفاقی , Betting : بازیگر

Useful Words Definitions

Hit: encounter by chance.

Chancy: subject to accident or chance or change.

Olecranon: process of the ulna that forms the outer bump of the elbow and fits into the fossa of the humerus when the arm is extended.

By Chance: by accident.

Wrecked: destroyed in an accident.

Shipwreck: an accident that destroys a ship at sea.

Casualty: someone injured or killed in an accident.

Crash: a serious accident (usually involving one or more vehicles).

Condyle: a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone.

Derailment: an accident in which a train runs off its track.

Accidental Injury: an accident that results in physical damage or hurt.

Collision: an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object.

Harm: any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.

Hit-And-Run: involving a driver of a motor vehicle who leaves the scene of an accident.

Maybe: by chance.

Chance: be the case by chance.

Odds-On: having a better than even chance of success.

Aleatory: dependent on chance.

Druthers: the right or chance to choose.

Say: the chance to speak.

Haphazard: dependent upon or characterized by chance.

Lottery: something that is regarded as a chance event.

Accident: anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause.

Adventitious: associated by chance and not an integral part.

Throw: a single chance or instance.

Passer: a person who passes by casually or by chance.

Likely: has a good chance of being the case or of coming about.

Lay On The Line: expose to a chance of loss or damage.

Accidental: happening by chance or unexpectedly or unintentionally.

Casual: occurring or appearing or singled out by chance.

Betting: preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially games of chance.

Related Words

Change : بدل جانا , Discover : معلوم ہونا , Rake Up : کسی چھپی ھوئی چیز کو پھر سے یاد کرنا اور قابل ذکر بنانا , Redetermine : دوبارہ کسی فیصلے پر پہنچنا , Ascertain : معلوم کرنا , Count : گنتی کرنا , Conceive : تصور کرنا , Fix : طے کرنا , Acquire : پانا , Access : کمپیوٹر ڈسک سے ڈیٹا لینا , Admeasure : حصے لگانا , Appoint : تشکیل دینا

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