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Fox Hole Meaning in Urdu

1. Fox Hole - Foxhole : مورچہ - چھوٹا سا گڑھا : (noun) a small dugout with a pit for individual shelter against enemy fire.

Bunker, Dugout - a fortification of earth; mostly or entirely below ground.

Related Words

Fox : چالاک جانور لومڑی : alert carnivorous mammal with pointed muzzle and ears and a bushy tail; most are predators that do not hunt in packs.

Cowberry - Foxberry - Lingberry - Lingenberry - Lingonberry - Mountain Cranberry - Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea : گوندنی : low evergreen shrub of high north temperate regions of Europe and Asia and America bearing red edible berries.

Useful Words

Against : مخالف : Contrary to; opposed to. "This was done against my will"

Bunker - Dugout : زیر زمین محفوظ کمرہ : a fortification of earth; mostly or entirely below ground.

Enemy : حریف : an opposing military force. "The enemy attacked at dawn"

Can - Dismiss - Displace - Fire - Force Out - Give Notice - Give The Axe - Give The Sack - Sack - Send Away - Terminate : برطرف کرنا : terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position. "The boss fired his secretary today"

Individual - Single : انفرادی : being or characteristic of a single thing or person. "Individual drops of rain"

Endocarp - Pit - Stone : گٹھلی : the hard inner (usually woody) layer of the pericarp of some fruits (as peaches or plums or cherries or olives) that contains the seed. "Remove the stones"

Shelter : محفوظ جگہ : a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger.

Little - Small : صغیر : limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "A little dining room"

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