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Fragmented meaning in Urdu

Fragmented Sentence

A fragmented coalition.

Fragmented Synonyms


Fragmented Definitions

1) Fragmented, Disconnected, Disunited, Split : منقسم, منتشر, بٹا ہوا : (satellite adjective) having been divided; having the unity destroyed.

Useful Words

Bisulcate : تقسیم شدہ , Fissile : ٹوٹ پہوٹ کے قابل , Disconnectedness : عدم تسلسل , Detachable : جسے جدا کیا جا سکے , Fragmental : ٹکڑے ٹکڑے , Separation : علیحدگی , Disunity : عدم اتحاد , Unitary : اکائی سے متعلق , United : متحدہ , Disintegrate : ٹکڑے ٹکڑے ہونا , Bifurcate : دو شاخوں میں بانٹنا , Ax : کلہاڑی سے کاٹنا , Fence Rail : کھپچی باڑ , Cleavage : شگاف , Dehisce : کھلنا , Cleft : شگاف , Laminate : قتلے کرنا , High-Low : اونچ نیچ , Bahaism : بہائی مذہب , Stockfish : کاڈ یا کوئی اور مچھلی جس کو ہوا میں سکھا لیا جائے تاکہ خراب نہ ہو , Annihilated : مکمل تباہ شدہ , Destructible : قابل تباہی , Wrecked : تباہ شدہ , Wreck : تباہ شدہ جہاز , Broken : معاشی طور پر تباہ , Done For : تباہ کرنا , Indestructible : جو آسانی سے ختم نہ ہوسکے , Broken : ٹوٹا ہوا , Debris : تباہ شدہ چیز کی باقیات , Consumer Durables : پائیدار اشیا , Desolation : بربادی

Useful Words Definitions

Bisulcate: (used of hooves) split, divided.

Fissile: capable of being split or cleft or divided in the direction of the grain.

Disconnectedness: state of being disconnected.

Detachable: designed to be unfastened or disconnected without damage.

Fragmental: consisting of small disconnected parts.

Separation: the state of lacking unity.

Disunity: lack of unity (usually resulting from dissension).

Unitary: relating to or characterized by or aiming toward unity.

United: characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity.

Disintegrate: break into parts or components or lose cohesion or unity.

Bifurcate: split or divide into two.

Ax: chop or split with an ax.

Fence Rail: a rail that is split from a log.

Cleavage: the state of being split or cleft.

Dehisce: burst or split open.

Cleft: a split or indentation in something (as the palate or chin).

Laminate: split (wood) into thin sheets.

High-Low: poker in which the high and low hands split the pot.

Bahaism: a religion founded in Iran in 1863; emphasizes the spiritual unity of all humankind; incorporates Christian and Islamic tenets; many adherents live in the United States.

Stockfish: fish cured by being split and air-dried without salt.

Annihilated: destroyed completely.

Destructible: easily destroyed.

Wrecked: destroyed in an accident.

Wreck: a ship that has been destroyed at sea.

Broken: destroyed financially.

Done For: destroyed or killed.

Indestructible: not easily destroyed.

Broken: physically and forcibly separated into pieces or cracked or split.

Debris: the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up.

Consumer Durables: consumer goods that are not destroyed by use.

Desolation: the state of being decayed or destroyed.

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