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Freehanded meaning in Urdu

Freehanded Sentence

A freehanded host.

Freehanded Synonyms


Freehanded Definitions

1) Freehanded, Big, Bighearted, Bounteous, Bountiful, Giving, Handsome, Liberal, Openhanded : فراخ دل, سخی, فراخ دلانا : (satellite adjective) given or giving freely.

Useful Words

Offer : رضاکارانہ پیشکش کرنا , Suspend : لٹکانا , Dangle : لٹکنا , Dangle : لٹکنا , Outspoken : صاف بات کرنے والا , Adrift : ادھر ادھر تیرنے لگنا , Liberally : آزادی سے , Stream : بہنا , Stiff : بے لچک , Pahoehoe : بہنے والا لاوا , Mobility : حرکت پذیری , Drift : آوارہ گردی کرنا , Articulatio Synovialis : آسانی سے جوڑ کا حرکت کرنا , Dangling : لٹکانا , Demonstrativeness : اظہار پسندی , Flow : ابل پڑنا , Bounteousness : فراخدلی , Military Volunteer : رضاکارنہ طور پر فوج میں بھرتی ہونے والا , Limber : لچکدار , Crab Grass : جنگلی گھاس , Pendulum : لٹکن , Ginglymoid Joint : ہڈی کا جوڑ , Compound Pendulum : مرکب لٹکن , Vane : سمت نما , Acer Circinatum : امریکی چھوٹا میپل درخت , Gift : دینے کا عمل , Abandonment : دست برداری , Advisory : مشورہ دینے والا , Lightless : بے نور , Inoffensive : بے ضرر , Advantageous : نفع بخش

Useful Words Definitions

Offer: agree freely.

Suspend: hang freely.

Dangle: hang freely.

Dangle: cause to dangle or hang freely.

Outspoken: given to expressing yourself freely or insistently.

Adrift: floating freely; not anchored.

Liberally: freely in a nonliteral manner.

Stream: flow freely and abundantly.

Stiff: not moving or operating freely.

Pahoehoe: freely flowing lava.

Mobility: the quality of moving freely.

Drift: live unhurriedly, irresponsibly, or freely.

Articulatio Synovialis: a joint so articulated as to move freely.

Dangling: the act of suspending something (hanging it from above so it moves freely).

Demonstrativeness: tending to express your feelings freely.

Flow: move or progress freely as if in a stream.

Bounteousness: generosity evidenced by a willingness to give freely.

Military Volunteer: (military) a person who freely enlists for service.

Limber: (used of persons' bodies) capable of moving or bending freely.

Crab Grass: grasses with creeping stems that root freely; a pest in lawns.

Pendulum: an apparatus consisting of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity.

Ginglymoid Joint: a freely moving joint in which the bones are so articulated as to allow extensive movement in one plane.

Compound Pendulum: pendulum consisting of an actual object allowed to rotate freely around a horizontal axis.

Vane: mechanical device attached to an elevated structure; rotates freely to show the direction of the wind.

Acer Circinatum: small maple of northwestern North America having prostrate stems that root freely and form dense thickets.

Gift: the act of giving.

Abandonment: the act of giving something up.

Advisory: giving advice.

Lightless: giving no light.

Inoffensive: giving no offense.

Advantageous: giving an advantage.

Related Words

Generous : فراغ دلانہ

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