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Freelance meaning in Urdu

Freelance Sentence

My brother is a freelance software engineer.

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Freelance Definitions

Useful Words

Prole : مزدوروں کے طبقہ کا ایک رکن , Lancer : نیزہ بردار سپاہی , Lancelike : نیزہ کی طرح , Harmonica : موسیقی کا آلہ جسے پھونک مار کر بجایا جاتا ہے , Aseptic : جراثیم سے پاک , Picador : ایک گھڑ سوار یا بلم سوار جو بیل سے لڑائی میں اسے مشتعل کرتا ہے اور غصہ دلاتا ہے , Do Work : کام کرنا , Employ : ملازمت , Sawyer : لکڑی چیرنے والا ملازم , Guide : راہنمائی کرنے والا , Escort : کسی کا ملازم جو اس کے ہمراہ رہتا ہو , Operative : نجی تفتیش کار , Dustman : صفائی کرنے والا , Char : ماسی , Groom : اصطبل دار , Shadow : جاسوس , Factotum : نوکر , Blaster : دھماکہ کرنے والا , Sponger : اسفنج اکٹھا کرنے والا شخص , Janitor : جمعدار , Overwork : بساط سے زیادہ کام , Tues : منگل , Bad : خراب , Mon : پیر , Coaction : اشتراک , Broken-Down : خراب , Lookout : نگران شخص , Caseworker : سماجی کارکن , Game Warden : جنگلی جانور وں کی حفاظت کرنے والا ملازم , Porter : مزدور , Runner : پیغام رساں

Useful Words Definitions

Prole: a member of the working class (not necessarily employed).

Lancer: (formerly) a cavalryman armed with a lance.

Lancelike: (of a leaf shape) shaped like a lance head; narrow and tapering to a pointed apex.

Harmonica: a small rectangular free-reed instrument having a row of free reeds set back in air holes and played by blowing into the desired hole.

Aseptic: free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms.

Picador: the horseman who pricks the bull with a lance early in the bullfight to goad the bull and to make it keep its head low.

Do Work: be employed.

Employ: the state of being employed or having a job.

Sawyer: one who is employed to saw wood.

Guide: someone employed to conduct others.

Escort: an attendant who is employed to accompany someone.

Operative: someone who can be employed as a detective to collect information.

Dustman: someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse.

Char: a human female employed to do housework.

Groom: someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses.

Shadow: a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements.

Factotum: a servant employed to do a variety of jobs.

Blaster: a workman employed to blast with explosives.

Sponger: a workman employed to collect sponges.

Janitor: someone employed to clean and maintain a building.

Overwork: the act of working too much or too long.

Tues: the third day of the week; the second working day.

Bad: not working properly.

Mon: the second day of the week; the first working day.

Coaction: act of working jointly.

Broken-Down: not in working order.

Lookout: a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event.

Caseworker: someone employed to provide social services (especially to the disadvantaged).

Game Warden: a person employed to take care of game and wildlife.

Porter: a person employed to carry luggage and supplies.

Runner: a person who is employed to deliver messages or documents.

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