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Furnishing meaning in Urdu

Furnishing Synonym

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Furnishing in Detail

1) Furnishing, Trappings : آرائشی سازوسامان : (noun) (usually plural) accessory wearing apparel.

Related : Accoutrement : clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing. Plural Form : the form of a word that is used to denote more than one.

Useful Words

Computer Accessory : کمپیوٹر کا اضافی پرزہ : an accessory for a computer. "When you add in all the computer accessories you are going to need the computer gets pretty expensive".

Adnexa, Annexa : جوڑ : accessory or adjoining anatomical parts or appendages to an organ (especially of the embryo). "Fallopian tubes and ovaries are adnexa of the uterus".

Wearer : پہننے والا : a person who wears or carries or displays something as a body covering or accessory. "Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches".

Handkerchief, Hankey, Hankie, Hanky : رومال : a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory. "Hand me the handkerchief please".

Spoil : مال غنیمت : (usually plural) valuables taken by violence (especially in war). "To the victor belong the spoils of the enemy".

Common People, Folk, Folks : لوگ : people in general (often used in the plural). "On the day of Eid, all the folks of our family, our siblings gather in our house for the feast".

Depredation, Ravage : بربادی : (usually plural) a destructive action. "The ravages of time".

Writing : تحریر : (usually plural) the collected work of an author. "The idea occurs with increasing frequency in Hemingway's writings".

Bulwark : فصیل : a fencelike structure around a deck (usually plural).

Incidental, Incidental Expense, Minor Expense : ضمنی : (frequently plural) an expense not budgeted or not specified. "He requested reimbursement of $7 for incidental expenses".

Abc, Abc's, Abcs, Alphabet, First Principle, First Rudiment, Rudiment : کسی مضمون کا ابتدائی مرحلہ : the elementary stages of any subject (usually plural). "He mastered only the rudiments of geometry".