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فُرصَت : Fursat Meaning in English

Fursat Sentences

Fursat in Detail

1 of 2) فرصت فالتو وقت : Leisure Leisure Time : (noun) time available for ease and relaxation.


2 of 2) فرصت : Leisure : (noun) freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity.

Useful Words

ڈھیلا چھوڑنا : Ease Off , آسانی پیدا کرنا : Alleviate , کام سے آزادی : Ease , فرصت میں : At Leisure , آرام پہنچانا : Comfort , آزاد بنانے کا عمل : Liberalisation , بے سکون : Awkward , سکون : Ease , زور کم کرنا : Ease Off , ڈھیلا ہونا : Relaxation , کمی کرنا : Allay , سکون محسوس کرنا : Easiness , ایک کے بعد ایک : One After Another , وقت : Time , کبھی : Ever , عرصہ : Time , مناسب وقت پر : In Due Course , بیک وقت : At A Time , تاخیر : Delay , بار : Clip , وقفہ : Break , بیک وقت : At The Same Time , اوسط شمسی وقت : Mean Solar Time , وقفہ لینا : Take Off , بار بار : Again And Again , ہر وقت : All The Time , ایک ساتھ : At The Same Time , کبھی کبھی : At Times , پرانا : Erstwhile , گھڑی کا وقت : Hour , ایک دفعہ : In One Case

Useful Words Definitions

Ease Off: reduce pressure or intensity.

Alleviate: make easier.

Ease: freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility).

At Leisure: in an unhurried way or at one's convenience.

Comfort: lessen pain or discomfort; alleviate.

Liberalisation: the act of making less strict.

Awkward: socially uncomfortable; unsure and constrained in manner.

Ease: the condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress).

Ease Off: become less intense.

Relaxation: (physiology) the gradual lengthening of inactive muscle or muscle fibers.

Allay: lessen the intensity of or calm.

Easiness: a feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry.

One After Another: in single file.

Time: a period of time considered as a resource under your control and sufficient to accomplish something.

Ever: at any time.

Time: an indefinite period (usually marked by specific attributes or activities).

In Due Course: at the appropriate time.

At A Time: simultaneously.

Delay: time during which some action is awaited.

Clip: an instance or single occasion for some event.

Break: a pause from doing something (as work).

At The Same Time: overlapping in duration.

Mean Solar Time: (astronomy) time based on the motion of the mean sun (an imaginary sun moving uniformly along the celestial equator).

Take Off: take time off from work; stop working temporarily.

Again And Again: repeatedly.

All The Time: without respite.

At The Same Time: at the same instant.

At Times: now and then or here and there.

Erstwhile: belonging to some prior time.

Hour: clock time.

In One Case: on one occasion.

Related Words

اضافی وقت : Free Time , تعطیل : Holiday , کھیل کا وقت : Playday

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