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Fuzla : فُضلہ

1. Dross, Impurity : فضلہ - میل : Worthless or dangerous material that should be removed.

2. Bm, Dejection, Faecal Matter, Faeces, Fecal Matter, Feces, Ordure, Stool : جسم سے خارج ہونے والا مادہ - فضلہ - گوبر : Solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels.

Libas, Kapra - Material - artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers; "Have you made the clothes?".

Lawazmat, Samaan Malumat - Material - information (data or ideas or observations) that can be used or reworked into a finished form; "the archives provided rich material for a definitive biography".

Mawad, Koi Madi Shiay - Material - the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material".

Madi - Material - having material or physical form or substance; "that which is created is of necessity corporeal and visible and tangible".

Gehnaona - Worthless - morally reprehensible; "stop this despicable conspiracy and punish those involved".