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گلی : Gali Meaning in English

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1 of 4) گلی : Street : (noun) a thoroughfare (usually including sidewalks) that is lined with buildings.

Related : Back Street : a narrow street with walls on both sides. Boulevard : a wide street or thoroughfare. Cross Street : a street intersecting a main street (usually at right angles) and continuing on both sides of it.


2 of 4) گالی : Invective Vitriol Vituperation : (noun) abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will.

Related : Vilification : a rude expression intended to offend or hurt.

3 of 4) گلی : Lane : (noun) a narrow way or road.

Related : Way : any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another.

4 of 4) گالی : Epithet Name : (noun) a defamatory or abusive word or phrase.

Related : Traducement : a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone`s words or actions. Smear Word : an epithet that can be used to smear someone's reputation.

Useful Words

پتلی گلی : Alley, Alleyway, Back Street : a narrow street with walls on both sides. "He escaped through the alley".

وہ گلی جو دوسری گلی سے گزرے : Cross Street : a street intersecting a main street (usually at right angles) and continuing on both sides of it.

صرف ایک طرف سے کھلی گلی : Blind Alley, Cul De Sac, Dead-End Street, Impasse : a street with only one way in or out.

مرکزی سڑک : High Street, Main Street : street that serves as a principal thoroughfare for traffic in a town. "Several buses come through high street".

لندن کی ایک سڑک جو مالی مرکز کے طور پر مشہور ہے : Lombard Street : a street in central London containing many of the major London banks.

عام آدمی : Joe Bloggs, Joe Blow, John Doe, Man In The Street : a hypothetical average man.

لاوارث لڑکا : Gamin, Street Arab, Throwaway : (sometimes offensive) a homeless boy who has been abandoned and roams the streets.

بے گھر بچہ : Street Child, Waif : a homeless child especially one forsaken or orphaned. "Street children beg or steal in order to survive".

نکڑ : Corner, Street Corner, Turning Point : the intersection of two streets. "Standing on the corner watching all the girls go by".

نیویارک شہر میں واقع ایک گلی : Wall St., Wall Street : a street in lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located; symbol of American finance.

نفسیاتی دوا : Acid, Back Breaker, Battery-Acid, Dose, Dot, Elvis, Loony Toons, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Pane, Superman, Window Pane, Zen : street name for lysergic acid diethylamide.

ایک نشہ : Adam, Cristal, Disco Biscuit, Ecstasy, Go, Hug Drug, X, Xtc : street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

چین میں پایا جانے والا ایک درخت جو تیزی سے بڑھتا ہے : Ailanthus Altissima, Tree Of Heaven, Tree Of The Gods : deciduous rapidly growing tree of China with foliage like sumac and sweetish fetid flowers; widely planted in United States as a street tree because of its resistance to pollution. "Ailanthus altissima is extremely fast-growing tree and commonly known as tree of heaven".

گزر گاہ : Avenue, Boulevard : a wide street or thoroughfare.

ناکہ : Barricade, Roadblock : a barrier set up by police to stop traffic on a street or road in order to catch a fugitive or inspect traffic etc..

بازار : Bazaar, Bazar : a street of small shops (especially in Orient).

گداگری : Beggary, Begging, Mendicancy : a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person).

کوکین : Blow, C, Coke, Nose Candy, Snow : street names for cocaine. "Nose candy is an another name of cocaine".

بوٹ بیسن : Boat Basin : Famous food street located in Clifton Karachi. "I used to go Boat Basin for dinner".

بڑی سڑک : Broadway, Great White Way : a street in Manhattan that passes through Times Square; famous for its theaters.

چوراہا : Carrefour, Crossing, Crossroad, Crossway, Intersection : a junction where one street or road crosses another. "We met at a carrefour".

نشہ آور دوا : Cat Valium, Green, Honey Oil, Jet, K, Special K, Super Acid, Super C : street names for ketamine. "Ketamine or honey oil is used for starting and maintaining anesthesia".

عبور پٹی : Crossing, Crossover, Crosswalk : a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other.

سامان بیچنے کی کھڑکی : Display Window, Shop Window, Shopwindow, Show Window : a window of a store facing onto the street; used to display merchandise for sale in the store.

بجلی سے چلنے والی ٹرین : El, Elevated, Elevated Railroad, Elevated Railway, Overhead Railway : a railway that is powered by electricity and that runs on a track that is raised above the street level.

لنڈا بازار : Flea Market : an open-air street market for inexpensive or secondhand articles. "Why did you visit a flea market ?".

پھول بیچنے والی جوان لڑکی : Flower Girl : a woman who sells flowers in the street.

چینی درخت پنکھے کے جیسے پتوں والا : Gingko, Ginkgo, Ginkgo Biloba, Maidenhair Tree : deciduous dioecious Chinese tree having fan-shaped leaves and fleshy yellow seeds; exists almost exclusively in cultivation especially as an ornamental street tree. "Ginkgo biloba is good for hearing problem".

لا پروائی سے سڑک پار کرنے والا : Jaywalker : a reckless pedestrian who crosses a street illegally.

لٹیرا : Mugger : a robber who takes property by threatening or performing violence on the person who is robbed (usually on the street).

پیدل پٹڑی : Pavement, Sidewalk : walk consisting of a paved area for pedestrians; usually beside a street or roadway.