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1 of 6) Gall : کجھلا کجھلا کر چھالا ڈال دینا Kujhla Kujhla Kar Chala Daal Dena : (verb) become or make sore by or as if by rubbing.

English Synonym(s) : Chafe Fret


2 of 6) Gall : کجھلانے سے پڑنے والا چھالا Kujlana Se Parnay Wala Chala : (noun) a skin sore caused by chafing.

Related : Sore

3 of 6) Gall : بے چین کر دینا Be Chain Kar Dena : (verb) irritate or vex.

It galls me that we lost the suit.

Urdu Synonym(s) : جھنجھلا دینا Jhunjulana Dena

English Synonym(s) : Irk

Related : Anger

4 of 6) Gall : تعصب Tasab : (noun) a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.

Urdu Synonym(s) : حسد Hasad جلن Jalan

English Synonym(s) : Bitterness Rancor Rancour Resentment

Related : Ill Will Heartburning Sulkiness

5 of 6) Gall : صفرا Safra : (noun) a digestive juice secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder; aids in the digestion of fats.

Urdu Synonym(s) : سیال جو جگر میں بنتا ہے اور پتے میں ذخیرہ ہوتا ہے ہاضمے میں مدد دیتا ہے Siyal Jo Jigar Mein Banta Hai Or Pittay Mein Zakerah Hota Hai Hazmay Mein Madad Daita Hai

English Synonym(s) : Bile

6 of 6) Gall : بدتمیزی Badtameezi : (noun) the trait of being rude and impertinent; inclined to take liberties.

English Synonym(s) : Cheekiness Crust Freshness Impertinence Impudence Insolence

Related : Rudeness

Useful Words

Become Turn : بن جانا Ban Jana : undergo a change or development. "What will you become when you grow up?"

If : اگر Agr : On the condition that. "Even if it fell off"

Make : بنانا Banana : act in a certain way so as to acquire. "Make friends"

Detrition Friction Rubbing : رگڑنا Ragar Na : effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure.

Peel Skin : چھلکا Chilka : the rind of a fruit or vegetable. "Remove the skin"

Raw Sensitive Sore Tender : حساس Hassas : hurting. "Don`t break her heart not even in a joke because she is so sensitive"

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