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Game Warden meaning in Urdu

Game Warden Synonym

Game Warden Definitions

1) Game Warden, Gamekeeper : جنگلی جانور وں کی حفاظت کرنے والا ملازم : (noun) a person employed to take care of game and wildlife.


Useful Words

Quoit : نشانہ باز چکی , Curassow : فیل مرغ , Wardenship : نگران کا عہدہ , Participant : کھلاڑی , Spin The Bottle : بوتل گھمانے کا ایک کھیل , Ride The Bench : کھیل سے باہر ہونا , Rematch : میچ کی مخالف ٹیموں کے درمیان میچ , Stalker : شکار کی تاک میں رہنے والا , Tracker : کہوج لگانے والا , Ump : کھیلوں میں فیصلہ کرنے والا , Gambit : کوئی چال چلنا , Away Game : گھر سے دور کھیلا جانے والا کھیل , Home Game : گھریلو کھیل , Computer Game : کمپیوٹر پر چلنے والا گیم , Gambling Game : جوا , Sportsmanship : کھیل کے اصولوں پر کاربند , Golf Player : گالف کا کھلاڑی , Hit : اسکور کرنا , Outplay : کھیل میں ہرا دینا , Play : باری , 1-Hitter : ایک قسم کا کھیل , Court Game : ایک کھیل , Leapfrog : ایک کھیل جس میں ایک بچہ جھکتا ہے اور دوسرا اس کے اپر سے کودتا ہے , Card Game : پتے بازی , Quail : کوئیل , Captain : کپتان , Go : جانا , No-Hit Game : ایک کھیل , 2-Hitter : دو شارٹ کا کھیل , 3-Hitter : تین شارٹ کا کھیل , 4-Hitter : چار شارٹ کا کھیل

Useful Words Definitions

Quoit: game equipment consisting of a ring of iron or circle of rope used in playing the game of quoits.

Curassow: large crested arboreal game bird of warm parts of the Americas having long legs and tails; highly esteemed as game and food.

Wardenship: the position of warden.

Participant: a person who participates in or is skilled at some game.

Spin The Bottle: a game in which a player spins a bottle and kisses the person that it points to when it stops spinning.

Ride The Bench: be out of the game.

Rematch: something (especially a game) that is played again.

Stalker: someone who stalks game.

Tracker: someone who tracks down game.

Ump: an official at game.

Gambit: a maneuver in a game or conversation.

Away Game: a game played away from home.

Home Game: a game played at home.

Computer Game: a game played against a computer.

Gambling Game: a game that involves gambling.

Sportsmanship: fairness in following the rules of the game.

Golf Player: someone who plays the game of golf.

Hit: gain points in a game.

Outplay: excel or defeat in a game.

Play: (game) the activity of doing something in an agreed succession.

1-Hitter: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team only one hit.

Court Game: an athletic game played on a court.

Leapfrog: a game in which one child bends down and another leaps over.

Card Game: a game played with playing cards.

Quail: small gallinaceous game birds.

Captain: The captain of a side in a game or sport.

Go: have a turn; make one's move in a game.

No-Hit Game: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team no hits.

2-Hitter: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team only 2 hits.

3-Hitter: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team only 3 hits.

4-Hitter: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team 4 hits.

Related Words

Custodian : نگران , Warrener : خرگوش باڑے کی دیکھ بھال کرنا

Game Warden in Book Titles

Game Warden: On Patrol in Louisiana.
Ramblings of a Lowcountry Game Warden: A Memoir.
Bushlife of a game warden.

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