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گرج : Garaj Meaning in English

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1 of 3) گرج : Thunder : (noun) a booming or crashing noise caused by air expanding along the path of a bolt of lightning.

Related : Noise : sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound).


2 of 3) دھاڑ چنگھاڑ گرج : Boom Roar Roaring Thunder : (noun) a deep prolonged loud noise.

Related : Noise : sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound).

3 of 3) گرج کھڑکھڑاہٹ گھنٹی : Peal Pealing Roll Rolling : (noun) a deep prolonged sound (as of thunder or large bells).

Useful Words

تیزی سے شدے سے : Like Crazy, Like Hell, Like Mad, Like Sin, Like The Devil, Like Thunder : with great speed or effort or intensity. "Drove like crazy".

چلانا : Roar, Thunder : utter words loudly and forcefully. "`Get out of here,` he roared".

بچوں کے پیشاب پاخانہ کرنے کا برتن : Chamberpot, Potty, Thunder Mug : a receptacle for urination or defecation in the bedroom.

گرج چمک کا خوف : Astraphobia : a morbid fear of thunder and lightning.

آسمانی بجلی : Bolt, Bolt Of Lightning, Thunderbolt : a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder. "Bolt of lightning can be seen".

برق و باراں کا طوفان : Electric Storm, Electrical Storm, Thunderstorm : a storm resulting from strong rising air currents; heavy rain or hail along with thunder and lightning.

آفاقی چمک : Heat Lightning : bright flashes of light near the horizon without thunder (especially on hot evenings); usually attributed to distant lightning that is reflected by clouds.

طوفان : Storm, Violent Storm : a violent weather condition with winds 64-72 knots (11 on the Beaufort scale) and precipitation and thunder and lightning.

گرج دار : Thundering : sounding like thunder. "The thundering herd".

ٹکرانا : Crash : move with, or as if with, a crashing noise. "The car crashed through the glass door".

پھٹنے کا شور : Explosion : the noise caused by an explosion. "The explosion was heard a mile away".

دھڑام سے پھیکنا : Flump, Plank, Plonk, Plop, Plump, Plump Down, Plunk, Plunk Down : set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise. "He planked the money on the table".

چبانے کی آواز : Scrunch : a crunching noise.

بھنبھنانے جیسی آواز : Hum, Humming : a humming noise. "The hum of distant traffic".

گونجنا : Grumble, Rumble : make a low noise. "Rumbling thunder".

شور مچانا : Make Noise, Noise, Resound : emit a noise. "Make noise all at once".

چیخ والی اونچی آواز : Squawk : the noise of squawking. "She awoke to the squawk of chickens".

چھن چھن کرنا : Sizzle : a sizzling noise.

چٹخنے کی آواز : Bang-Up, Bully, Corking, Cracking, Dandy, Great, Groovy, Keen, Neat, Nifty, Not Bad, Peachy, Slap-Up, Smashing, Swell : a sudden sharp noise. "Stop Cracking Your Knuckles".

بجنا : Beep, Blare, Claxon, Honk, Toot : make a loud noise. "The horns of the taxis blared".

زور دار آواز : Bam, Bang, Blast, Clap, Eruption : a sudden very loud noise. "That was heavy blast".

پھچ : Squish : the noise of soft mud being walked on.

گھنٹیوں کی آواز : Ding-Dong : the noise made by a bell.

چیخنا : Bawl, Yawp : make a raucous noise.

چٹخنے کی آواز : Crack, Cracking, Snap : a sudden sharp noise. "The crack of a whip".

پھٹنا : Burst, Explode : burst outward, usually with noise. "The champagne bottle exploded".

شور و غل : Racket : a loud and disturbing noise.

کتے جیسی آواز : Bark : a noise resembling the bark of a dog.

ہنگامہ : Garboil, Tumult, Tumultuousness, Uproar : a state of commotion and noise and confusion. "Tumult in public".

چیخ : Blare, Blaring, Cacophony, Clamor, Din : a loud harsh or strident noise. "Cacophony of birds".

اظہار کرنا : Express, Give Tongue To, Utter, Verbalise, Verbalize : articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise. "Ali`s mobile balance was automatically depleted He called the helpline and expressed his hatred by uttering such a filthy abuses".

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