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Garden Truck meaning in Urdu

Garden Truck Synonyms


Garden Truck Definitions

1) Garden Truck, Green Goods, Green Groceries, Produce : زرعی پیداوار : (noun) fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market.

Useful Words

Hauling : ٹرک سے مال لانا لیجانا , Cucumber : کھیرا , Sprinkler : فوارہ , Pea : مٹر , Hop Field : ہوپ پھل کا باغ , Kitchen Garden : چھوٹا باغ جہاں پھل اور سبزیوں لگائی جاسکتی ہوں , Market Garden : وہ مقام جہاں منڈی کے لیے سبزیاں اگائی ہوں , Potato : آلو , Common Lettuce : سلاد کا پودا , Jade : ہلکا سبز رنگ , Teamster : ٹرک چلانے والا , Articulated Lorry : ٹریکٹر اور ٹریلر پر مشتمل ٹرک , Van : وین , Cartage : مال برداری , Car Transporter : ایک لمبا ٹرک جو گاڑیوں وغیرہ کو لاتا لے جاتا ہے , Aerial Ladder : کھلنے والی سیڑھی , House Trailer : ٹریلر , Pickup : ایک قسم کا ٹرک , Teamsters Union : صنعتی مزدور وں کی انجمن , Camion : ٹرک , Butterfly Orchid : ایک خوبصورت پھول , Pea : مٹر کا پودا , Hepatic : ایک قسم کا چھوٹا پودا , Grass : گھاس , Marrow : کدو , Brassica Oleracea Gemmifera : چھوٹی گوبھی کی طرح کے پھل والا ایک پودا , Dump Truck : لدو ٹرک , Katydid : ایک قسم کا امریکی ٹڈا , Hovea : آسٹریلیا کی جھاڑیاں , Winter Melon : پیٹھا , Supermarket : کریانے کی ایک بڑی دکان جہاں کریانے کے سامان کے ساتھ اور چیزیں بھی ملتی ہیں

Useful Words Definitions

Hauling: the activity of transporting goods by truck.

Cucumber: cylindrical green fruit with thin green rind and white flesh eaten as a vegetable; related to melons.

Sprinkler: mechanical device that attaches to a garden hose for watering lawn or garden.

Pea: a small, round, and green seed or the edible spherical green seed of the pea plant. Peas are a type of legume and are commonly consumed as a vegetable in various cuisines around the world.

Hop Field: a garden where hops are grown.

Kitchen Garden: a small garden where vegetables are grown.

Market Garden: a garden where fruit and vegetables are grown for marketing.

Potato: annual native to South America having underground stolons bearing edible starchy tubers; widely cultivated as a garden vegetable; vines are poisonous.

Common Lettuce: annual or perennial garden plant having succulent leaves used in salads; widely grown.

Jade: a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green.

Teamster: someone who drives a truck as an occupation.

Articulated Lorry: a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together.

Van: a truck with an enclosed cargo space.

Cartage: the work of taking something away in a cart or truck and disposing of it.

Car Transporter: a long truck for carrying motor vehicles.

Aerial Ladder: mechanically extendible ladder; used on a fire truck.

House Trailer: a wheeled vehicle that can be pulled by a car or truck and is equipped for occupancy.

Pickup: a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard.

Teamsters Union: an industrial union of truck drivers and chauffeurs and warehouse workers.

Camion: a large truck designed to carry heavy loads; usually without sides.

Butterfly Orchid: Mexican epiphytic orchid having pale green or yellow-green flowers with white purple-veined lip.

Pea: a leguminous plant of the genus Pisum with small white flowers and long green pods containing edible green seeds.

Hepatic: any of numerous small green nonvascular plants of the class Hepaticopsida growing in wet places and resembling green seaweeds or leafy mosses.

Grass: narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay.

Marrow: any of various squash plants grown for their elongated fruit with smooth dark green skin and whitish flesh.

Brassica Oleracea Gemmifera: plant grown for its stout stalks of edible small green heads resembling diminutive cabbages.

Dump Truck: truck whose contents can be emptied without handling; the front end of the platform can be pneumatically raised so that the load is discharged by gravity.

Katydid: large green long-horned grasshopper of North America; males produce shrill sounds by rubbing together special organs on the forewings.

Hovea: any of several attractive evergreen shrubs of Australia grown for their glossy deep green foliage and flowers in rich blues and intense violets.

Winter Melon: the fruit of the winter melon vine; a green melon with pale green to orange flesh that keeps well.

Supermarket: a large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods.

Related Words

Food : کھانا , Veg : ترکاری

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