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گروی رکھنے والا : Garwi Rakhny Wala Meaning in English

Garwi Rakhny Wala in Detail

1) گروی رکھنے والا گروی رکھ کر سود دینے والا : Pawnbroker : (noun) a person who lends money at interest in exchange for personal property that is deposited as security.


Useful Words

ذاتی جائیداد : Personal Estate , دکان مرتہن : Loan Office , سود : Interest , بدلنا : Change , شرح سود : Interest Rate , سادا سود : Simple Interest , زیادہ سود والا : High-Interest , کل سود : Compound Interest , خاص مفاد : Special Interest , زر مبادلہ : Foreign Exchange , شرح مبادلہ : Exchange Rate , تجارتی اشیاء کی منڈی : Commodities Exchange , غیر ملکی زر مبادلہ کے لین دین کی فیس : Agio , بازار حصص : Securities Market , ملکیت کا حق : Property Right , نگران جائیداد : Property Man , ملکیت : Belongings , جائیداد : Immovable , فضائی : Spatial Property , محسوس کرنا : Feel , زمین کا مالک : Landholder , جائیداد عامہ : Public Property , شوہر اور بیوی کی جائیداد : Community Property , جائیداد والا : Propertied , ذاتی : Personal , ذاتی تعلق : Personal Relation , معاملات : Affairs , مال و اسباب : Effects , ڈھنگ : Manner , کرشمہ : Charisma , منقولہ جائداد : Chattel

Useful Words Definitions

Personal Estate: movable property (as distinguished from real estate).

Loan Office: a shop where loans are made with personal property as security.

Interest: a fixed charge for borrowing money; usually a percentage of the amount borrowed.

Change: exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category.

Interest Rate: the percentage of a sum of money charged for its use.

Simple Interest: interest paid on the principal alone.

High-Interest: (used of loans) charging a relatively large percentage of the amount borrowed.

Compound Interest: interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest.

Special Interest: an individual or group who are concerned with some particular part of the economy and who try to influence legislators or bureaucrats to act in their favor.

Foreign Exchange: the system by which one currency is exchanged for another; enables international transactions to take place.

Exchange Rate: the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another.

Commodities Exchange: an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery.

Agio: a fee charged for exchanging currencies.

Securities Market: an exchange where security trading is conducted by professional stockbrokers.

Property Right: the legal right of ownership.

Property Man: member of the stage crew in charge of properties.

Belongings: something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone.

Immovable: property consisting of houses and land.

Spatial Property: any property relating to or occupying space.

Feel: a property perceived by touch.

Landholder: a holder or proprietor of land.

Public Property: property owned by a government.

Community Property: property and income belonging jointly to a married couple.

Propertied: owning land or securities as a principal source of revenue.

Personal: concerning or affecting a particular person or his or her private life and personality.

Personal Relation: a relation between persons.

Affairs: matters of personal concern.

Effects: property of a personal character that is portable but not used in business.

Manner: a way of acting or behaving.

Charisma: a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others.

Chattel: personal as opposed to real property; any tangible movable property (furniture or domestic animals or a car etc).

Related Words

قرض دینے والا : Lender , مرتبن : Pledgee

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