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1) Gem Clip, Paper Clip, Paperclip : کاغذ کا کلپ : (noun) a wire or plastic clip for holding sheets of paper together.

Related : Clip : any of various small fasteners used to hold loose articles together.

Useful Words

Clip, Time : بار : an instance or single occasion for some event. "This time he succeeded".

Clip-Clop, Clippety-Clop, Clop, Clopping, Clumping, Clunking : گہوڑے کی ٹاپوں کی آواز : the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface.

Clipboard : لکھنے کے لیے چھوٹا تختہ : a small writing board with a clip at the top for holding papers.

Pin Curl : زنانہ پن کے ذریعے باندھی جانے والا لٹ : a curl of hair made by dampening a strand of hair and curling it and holding the curl with a clip or bobby pin.

Carrier Bag, Paper Bag, Poke, Sack : بوری : a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer`s purchases. "Tie up the sack".

Pad, Pad Of Paper, Tablet : صفحات کا بنڈل : a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge.

Sketch Block, Sketch Pad, Sketchbook : ایک قسم کی کتاب : a book containing sheets of paper on which sketches can be drawn.

Ream : کاغذوں کی بڑی تعداد : a quantity of paper; 480 or 500 sheets; one ream equals 20 quires.

Tea Bag : چائے تھیلی : small paper bag holding a measure of tea.

Staple : کاغذ سینے کا تار : paper fastener consisting of a short length of U-shaped wire that can fasten papers together.

Electronic Paper : برقی ورق : An electronic paper display (EPD) is an electrically-charged surface that replicates the look and experience of ink on paper. "Electronic paper display is good".

Rice Paper : چینی کاغذ : a thin delicate material resembling paper; made from the rice-paper tree.

Tag, Ticket : کاغذ : a label written or printed on paper, cardboard, or plastic that is attached to something to indicate its owner, nature, price, etc.. "Put the tag on bag".

Carbon, Carbon Paper : کاربن کاغذ : a thin paper coated on one side with a dark waxy substance (often containing carbon); used to transfer characters from the original to an under sheet of paper.

Billfold, Notecase, Pocketbook, Wallet : بٹوا : a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money. "Buy a new wallet".

Stencil : نقش ساز تختی : a sheet of material (metal, plastic, cardboard, waxed paper, silk, etc.) that has been perforated with a pattern (printing or a design); ink or paint can pass through the perforations to create the printed pattern on the surface below.

Mil : لمبائی ناپنے کی اکائی : a unit of length equal to one thousandth of an inch; used to specify thickness (e.g., of sheets or wire).

Clothes Peg, Clothes Pin, Clothespin : چٹخنی : wood or plastic fastener; for holding clothes on a clothesline. "A broken clothes peg".

Chartaceous, Paperlike, Papery : کاغذی : of or like paper.

Blotter, Blotting Paper : جاذب کاغذ : absorbent paper used to dry ink.

Paper-Back Book, Paperback, Paperback Book, Soft-Cover, Soft-Cover Book, Softback, Softback Book : دبیز کاغذ کی جلد والی کتاب : a book with paper covers.

Co-Author : مخلوط مصنف ہونا : be a co-author on (a book, a paper).

Piece Of Paper, Sheet, Sheet Of Paper : کاغذ کا ٹکڑا : paper used for writing or printing.

Slip, Slip Of Paper : پرچی : a small sheet of paper. "Said to hold the slip not hand".

Notepad : لکھنے والا کاغذ : a pad of paper for keeping notes. "Hand me that notepad".

Tissue, Tissue Paper : باریک کاغذ : a soft thin (usually translucent) paper.

Rag, Shred, Tag, Tag End, Tatter : کاغذ یا کپڑے کا چھوٹا سا ٹکڑا : a small piece of cloth or paper.

Cardboard, Composition Board : سخت کاغذ : a stiff moderately thick paper. "Put a cupboard under the matress".

Carbon, Carbon Copy : کاربن کاپی : a copy made with carbon paper.

Parchment : چمڑی نما کاغذ : a superior paper resembling sheepskin.

Booklet, Brochure, Folder, Leaflet, Pamphlet : کتابچہ : a small book usually having a paper cover. "Booklet design ideas".

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