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Geometry meaning in Urdu

Geometry Sentence

Geometry box.

Geometry Definitions

1) Geometry : علم ہندسہ : (noun) the pure mathematics of points and lines and curves and surfaces.


Useful Words

Affine : ریاضی کی قسم , Affine Geometry : تغیر علم ہندسہ , Diagonal : قطری , Foursquare : مربع , Arithmetic : علم حساب , Set Theory : نظریہ مجموع , Contour Map : ارتفاعی نقشہ , Magnetic Pole : مقناطیسی قطب , Pentacle : پانچ کونی تارہ , Crossfire : مختلف اطراف سے فائرنگ , Herringbone : چکور خانے والا ڈیزائن , Sinuosity : لہریا پن , Curvey : خم دار , Concave Shape : دبی ہوئی شکل , Straight : سیدھا , Convex Shape : حدب , Straightness : سیدھا پن , Draw : گالف کا شارٹ , Compass Saw : نوکیلی آری , Absolute : خالص , Chaste : پاکیزہ , Purify : پاک کرنا , Full Blood : خالص نسل , Purge : پاک کرنا , Crystal : شفاف شیشہ , Buffer : پالش کرنے والا , Adhesive : چپکانے والی شئے , Common Spoonbill : سارس کی ایک قسم , Glider : بغیر انجن کا اڑنے والا طیارہ , Edge : تیز دھار کنارا , Fan : پنکھا

Useful Words Definitions

Affine: (mathematics) of or pertaining to the geometry of affine transformations.

Affine Geometry: the geometry of affine transformations.

Diagonal: (geometry) a straight line connecting any two vertices of a polygon that are not adjacent.

Foursquare: (geometry) a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles; a four-sided regular polygon.

Arithmetic: the branch of pure mathematics dealing with the theory of numerical calculations.

Set Theory: the branch of pure mathematics that deals with the nature and relations of sets.

Contour Map: a map having contour lines through points of equal elevation.

Magnetic Pole: either of two points where the lines of force of the Earth's magnetic field are vertical.

Pentacle: a star with 5 points; formed by 5 straight lines between the vertices of a pentagon and enclosing another pentagon.

Crossfire: fire from two or more points so that the lines of fire cross.

Herringbone: a pattern of columns of short parallel lines with all the lines in one column sloping one way and lines in adjacent columns sloping the other way; it is used in weaving, masonry, parquetry, embroidery.

Sinuosity: having curves.

Curvey: having curves.

Concave Shape: a shape that curves or bends inward.

Straight: free from curves or angles.

Convex Shape: a shape that curves or bulges outward.

Straightness: freedom from crooks or curves or bends or angles.

Draw: a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer.

Compass Saw: a handsaw with a narrow triangular blade for cutting curves.

Absolute: perfect or complete or pure.

Chaste: morally pure person.

Purify: become clean or pure or free of guilt and sin.

Full Blood: descent from parents both of one pure breed.

Purge: make pure or free from sin or guilt.

Crystal: colorless glass made of almost pure silica.

Buffer: a power tool used to buff surfaces.

Adhesive: a substance that unites or bonds surfaces together.

Common Spoonbill: pure white crested spoonbill of southern Eurasia and northeastern Africa.

Glider: aircraft supported only by the dynamic action of air against its surfaces.

Edge: a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object.

Fan: a device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or surfaces.

Related Words

Math : حساب

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