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Germany is the European country.

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1) Germany, Deutschland, Federal Republic Of Germany, Frg : بر اعظم یورپ کا ایک ملک, جرمنی : (noun) a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990.

Related : Panzer : an armored vehicle or tank.

Useful Words

Poland, Polska, Republic Of Poland : پولینڈ : a republic in central Europe; the invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939 started World War II. "He used to live in Poland".

Berlin, German Capital : برلین : capital of Germany located in eastern Germany.

Wuerzburg, Wurzburg : جرمنی کا ایک شہر : a city of south central Germany.

Adenauer, Konrad Adenauer : مغربی جرمنی کا رہنما : German statesman; chancellor of West Germany (1876-1967).

Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Swiss Confederation, Switzerland : ‎سوئٹزرلینڈ : a landlocked federal republic in central Europe.

Kaiser Bill, Kaiser Wilhelm, Wilhelm Ii : ملکہ وکٹوریا کا نواسا یا پوتا : grandson of Queen Victoria and Kaiser of Germany from 1888 to 1918; he was vilified as causing World War I (1859-1941). "Kaiser bill also known as Wilhelm Ii and Kaiser Wilhelm".

German Army : جرمنی کی فوج : the army of the Germany. "German army is the part of NATO".

First World War, Great War, War To End War, World War 1, World War I : پہلی جنگ عظیم : a war between the allies (Russia, France, British Empire, Italy, United States, Japan, Rumania, Serbia, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Montenegro) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria) from 1914 to 1918. "He told about World War 1".

Hohenzollern Empire, Second Reich : قدیم جرمن سلطنت : the Reich when Hohenzollern monarchs ruled Germany (from 1871 to 1919).

Heidelberg Man, Homo Heidelbergensis : ناپید یورپی لوگ : An extinct hominin known primarily from a fossil jaw found near Heidelberg, Germany.

Hitlerian : ہٹلر کی طرح کا : of or relating to or suggestive of Adolf Hitler or his Nazi regime in Germany. "He has a very Hitlerian face".

Second World War, World War 2, World War Ii : دوسری جنگ عظیم : a war between the Allies (Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Iran, Iraq, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, USSR, Yugoslavia) and the Axis (Albania, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Rumania, Slovakia, Thailand) from 1939 to 1945.

Jacques Loeb, Loeb : امریکی فعلیات دان جو جرمنی میں پیدا ہوا : United States physiologist (born in Germany) who did research on parthenogenesis (1859-1924).

Hock, Rhenish, Rhine Wine : سفید الکحل : any of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany (`hock` is British usage).

Aachen, Aix-La-Chapelle, Aken : جرمنی کا شہر : a city in western Germany near the Dutch and Belgian borders; formerly it was Charlemagne`s northern capital.

Abecedarian : جرمنی کا ایک عیسائی فرقہ : a 16th century sect of Anabaptists centered in Germany who had an absolute disdain for human knowledge.

Syria, Syrian Arab Republic : شام : an Asian republic in the Middle East at the east end of the Mediterranean; site of some of the world`s most ancient centers of civilization. "Syria is in war".

Hermann Hesse, Hesse : سوئیس لکھاری : Swiss writer (born in Germany) whose novels and poems express his interests in eastern spiritual values (1877-1962).

Kaiser : عیسوی سلطنت روما کے بادشاہوں کا لقب : the title of the Holy Roman Emperors or the emperors of Austria or of Germany until 1918.

Hungary, Magyarorszag, Republic Of Hungary : ہنگری ملک : a republic in central Europe.

A. A. Michelson, Albert Abraham Michelson, Albert Michelson, Michelson : امریکی ماہر طبعیات : United States physicist (born in Germany) who collaborated with Morley in the Michelson-Morley experiment (1852-1931).

Heinrich Engelhard Steinway, Henry Engelhard Steinway, Henry Steinway, Steinway : امریکی پیانو ساز : United States piano maker (born in Germany) who founded a famous piano manufacturing firm in New York (1797-1871).

Braun, Von Braun, Wernher Magnus Maximilian Von Braun, Wernher Von Braun : امریکی راکٹ انجینئر : United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England); he led the United States Army team that put the first American satellite into space (1912-1977).

Kirghiz, Kirghizia, Kirghizstan, Kirgiz, Kirgizia, Kirgizstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan : کازاکستان : a landlocked republic in west central Asia bordering on northwestern China; formerly an Asian soviet but became independent in 1991. "I went to Kyrgyzstan last year".

Croatia, Hrvatska, Republic Of Croatia : کروشیا : a republic in the western Balkans in south-central Europe in the eastern Adriatic coastal area; formerly part of the Habsburg monarchy and Yugoslavia; became independent in 1991. "Croatia is an Eastern European country with long coastlines on the Adriatic Sea".

Republic Of Yemen, Yemen : یمن : a republic on the southwestern shores of the Arabian Peninsula on the Indian Ocean; formed in 1990.

Austria, Oesterreich, Republic Of Austria : آسٹریا ایک ملک : a mountainous republic in central Europe; under the Habsburgs (1278-1918) Austria maintained control of the Holy Roman Empire and was a leader in European politics until the 19th century.

Bangla Desh, Bangladesh, East Pakistan, People's Republic Of Bangladesh : بنگلہ دیش : a Muslim republic in southern Asia bordered by India to the north and west and east and the Bay of Bengal to the south; formerly part of India and then part of Pakistan; it achieved independence in 1971.

Arab Republic Of Egypt, Egypt, United Arab Republic : ملک مصر : a republic in northeastern Africa known as the United Arab Republic until 1971; site of an ancient civilization that flourished from 2600 to 30 BC.

Lebanese Republic, Lebanon : لبنان : an Asian republic at east end of Mediterranean.

Republic Of Turkey, Turkey : ترکی : a Eurasian republic in Asia Minor and the Balkans; on the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1918, the Young Turks, led by Kemal Ataturk, established a republic in 1923.

Germany in Book Titles

Germany: A Modern History.
Germany Turns Eastwards: A Study of Ostforschung in the Third Reich.
Germany as a Civilian Power?: The Foreign Policy of the Berlin Republic.

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