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جرمنی کا کیمیا دان : Germany Ka Kimiya Dan Meaning in English

Germany Ka Kimiya Dan in Detail

1) جرمنی کا کیمیا دان : Karl Waldemar Ziegler Ziegler : (noun) German chemist honored for his research on polymers (1898-1973).


Useful Words

جرمن فلسفی : Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel , جرمن کیمیا دان : August Wilhelm Von Hoffmann , جرمن کیمیا دان : Fischer , امریکی فعلیات دان جو جرمنی میں پیدا ہوا : Jacques Loeb , جرمن کیمیا دان : Adolf Windaus , مغربی جرمنی کا رہنما : Adenauer , بر اعظم یورپ کا ایک ملک : Deutschland , برلین : Berlin , جرمنی کی سوشلسٹ پارٹی کا رکن : German Nazi , اعزاز : Honor , قابل احترام : August , عزت : Esteem , تعظیم : Celebrity , معزز : Honorable , گمنام سپاہی : Unknown Soldier , وہ شخص جس کو عزاز کے طور پر تاج پہنایا جائے : Laureate , حضرت مریم علیھا سلام : Blessed Virgin , امریکی مصنف : Aiken , سوئس فعلیات دان : Hess , امریکی شاعر : Auden , لحمیہ : Protein , فن لینڈ کا معمار : Aalto , بروس لی : Bruce Lee , امریکہ کا شاعر : Benet , سورما : Knight , برطانوی ماہر تشخیص امراض : Florey , علم خرد بین : Microscopy , کھوج لگانے والا : Investigator , فزکس کی لیبارٹری : Physics Lab , امریکہ کا کیمیا دان : Linus Carl Pauling , ہنگری کا کیمیادان : George Charles Hevesy De Hevesy

Useful Words Definitions

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: German philosopher whose three stage process of dialectical reasoning was adopted by Karl Marx (1770-1831).

August Wilhelm Von Hoffmann: German chemist (1818-1892).

Fischer: German chemist noted for his synthesis of hemin (1881-1945).

Jacques Loeb: United States physiologist (born in Germany) who did research on parthenogenesis (1859-1924).

Adolf Windaus: German chemist who studied steroids and cholesterol and discovered histamine (1876-1959).

Adenauer: German statesman; chancellor of West Germany (1876-1967).

Deutschland: a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990.

Berlin: capital of Germany located in eastern Germany.

German Nazi: a German member of National Socialist German Workers` Party its leader was Adolf Hitler`s.

Honor: the state of being honored.

August: profoundly honored.

Esteem: the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded).

Celebrity: the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed.

Honorable: worthy of being honored; entitled to honor and respect.

Unknown Soldier: an unidentified soldier whose body is honored as a memorial.

Laureate: someone honored for great achievements; figuratively someone crowned with a laurel wreath.

Blessed Virgin: the mother of Jesus; Christians refer to her as the Virgin Mary; she is especially honored by Roman Catholics.

Aiken: United States writer (1889-1973).

Hess: Swiss physiologist noted for studies of the brain (1881-1973).

Auden: United States poet (born in England) (1907-1973).

Protein: any of a large group of nitrogenous organic compounds that are essential constituents of living cells; consist of polymers of amino acids; essential in the diet of animals for growth and for repair of tissues; can be obtained from meat and eggs and milk and legumes.

Aalto: Finnish architect and designer of furniture (1898-1976).

Bruce Lee: United States actor who was an expert in kung fu and starred in martial arts films (1941-1973).

Benet: United States poet; brother of William Rose Benet (1898-1943).

Knight: originally a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry; today in Great Britain a person honored by the sovereign for personal merit.

Florey: British pathologist who isolated and purified penicillin, which had been discovered in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming (1898-1968).

Microscopy: research with the use of microscopes.

Investigator: a scientist who devotes himself to doing research.

Physics Lab: a laboratory for research in physics.

Linus Carl Pauling: United States chemist who studied the nature of chemical bonding (1901-1994).

George Charles Hevesy De Hevesy: Hungarian chemist who studied radioisotopes and was one of the discoverers of the element hafnium (1885-1966).

Related Words

کیمیا دان : Chemist

Close Words

جرمنی کی فوج : German Army , موبیس : August F. Mobius , جرمنی کی زبان : German , جرمنی کا فعلیات دان اور طبیعیات دان : Baron Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz , جرمنی کا باسی : German , جرمنی کا شہر : Aachen , جرمنی کا ایک شہر : Wuerzburg , جرمنی کا قصبہ : Hohenlinden , جرمنی کی ملیشیا فوج کا رکن : Storm Trooper , جرمنی کا ایک عیسائی فرقہ : Abecedarian

Close Words Definitions

German Army: the army of the Germany.

August F. Mobius: German mathematician responsible for the Mobius strip (1790-1868).

German: the standard German language; developed historically from West Germanic.

Baron Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz: German physiologist and physicist (1821-1894).

German: a person of German nationality.

Aachen: a city in western Germany near the Dutch and Belgian borders; formerly it was Charlemagne`s northern capital.

Wuerzburg: a city of south central Germany.

Hohenlinden: a town in Bavaria (near Munich).

Storm Trooper: a member of the Nazi SA.

Abecedarian: a 16th century sect of Anabaptists centered in Germany who had an absolute disdain for human knowledge.

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