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جرمنی کی فوج : Germany Ki Fauj Meaning in English

Germany Ki Fauj in Sentence

German army is the part of NATO.

Germany Ki Fauj in Detail

1) جرمنی کی فوج : German Army : (noun) the army of the Germany.


Useful Words

امریکی راکٹ انجینئر : Braun , بر اعظم یورپ کا ایک ملک : Deutschland , برلین : Berlin , مغربی جرمنی کا رہنما : Adenauer , اپنی فوج چھوڑ کر دوسری میں شامل ہونا : Defect , برطانوی فوج : British Army , بھاری اسلحہ استعمال کرنے والا فوجی دستہ : Artillery , دشمن کی فوج کو گھیر لینا : Go Around , سب سے چھوٹا فوجی دستہ : Squad , سپاہی : Cavalryman , گھڑ سوار لشکر : Horse Cavalry , نئی بھرتی : Enlisting , سپاہی : Soldier , تین سے پانچ ہزار فو جیوں کی جماعت : Brigade , فوجی دستہ : Regiment , جرمنی کا ایک شہر : Wuerzburg , فوجی ڈویزن : Division , سپاہی : Buck Private , چڑھائی : Invasion , فوج میں بلند عہدے والا : Field Marshal , فوجی دستہ : Army Corps , پہلا فوجی دستہ : Van , بحریہ یا فوج کا افسر : Master Sergeant , فوجی دستہ : Battalion , امریکی فضائی فوجی دستہ : Air Corps , رضاکار فوج : Militia , درجہ : Rank , چھاونی : Bivouac , بحری بھرتی کرنے والی جماعت : Press Gang , پاکستانی فوج کا چھاپہ مار لشکر : Ssg , ہٹلر کی طرح کا : Hitlerian

Useful Words Definitions

Braun: United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England); he led the United States Army team that put the first American satellite into space (1912-1977).

Deutschland: a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990.

Berlin: capital of Germany located in eastern Germany.

Adenauer: German statesman; chancellor of West Germany (1876-1967).

Defect: desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army.

British Army: the army of the United kingdom.

Artillery: an army unit that uses big guns.

Go Around: go around the flank of (an opposing army).

Squad: a smallest army unit.

Cavalryman: a soldier in a motorized army unit.

Horse Cavalry: an army unit mounted on horseback.

Enlisting: the act of getting recruits; enlisting people for the army (or for a job or a cause etc.).

Soldier: an enlisted man or woman who serves in an army.

Brigade: army unit smaller than a division.

Regiment: army unit smaller than a division.

Wuerzburg: a city of south central Germany.

Division: an army unit large enough to sustain combat.

Buck Private: an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marines.

Invasion: the act of invading; the act of an army that invades for conquest or plunder.

Field Marshal: an officer holding the highest rank in the army.

Army Corps: an army unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and their support.

Van: the leading units moving at the head of an army.

Master Sergeant: a senior noncommissioned officer in the Army or Marines.

Battalion: an army unit usually consisting of a headquarters and three or more companies.

Air Corps: formerly the airborne division of the United States Army.

Militia: civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army.

Rank: the ordinary members of an organization (such as the enlisted soldiers of an army).

Bivouac: temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers.

Press Gang: a detachment empowered to force civilians to serve in the army or navy.

Ssg: Special Service Group (Commando force of Pakistan Army).

Hitlerian: of or relating to or suggestive of Adolf Hitler or his Nazi regime in Germany.

Close Words

موبیس : August F. Mobius , جرمنی کی زبان : German , جرمنی کا فعلیات دان اور طبیعیات دان : Baron Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz , جرمنی کا شہر : Aachen , جرمنی کا باسی : German , جرمنی کی سوشلسٹ پارٹی کا رکن : German Nazi , جرمنی کا کیمیا دان : Karl Waldemar Ziegler , جرمنی کی ملیشیا فوج کا رکن : Storm Trooper , جرمنی کا قصبہ : Hohenlinden , جرمنی کا ایک عیسائی فرقہ : Abecedarian

Close Words Definitions

August F. Mobius: German mathematician responsible for the Mobius strip (1790-1868).

German: the standard German language; developed historically from West Germanic.

Baron Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz: German physiologist and physicist (1821-1894).

Aachen: a city in western Germany near the Dutch and Belgian borders; formerly it was Charlemagne`s northern capital.

German: a person of German nationality.

German Nazi: a German member of National Socialist German Workers` Party its leader was Adolf Hitler`s.

Karl Waldemar Ziegler: German chemist honored for his research on polymers (1898-1973).

Storm Trooper: a member of the Nazi SA.

Hohenlinden: a town in Bavaria (near Munich).

Abecedarian: a 16th century sect of Anabaptists centered in Germany who had an absolute disdain for human knowledge.

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