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1 of 22) Get, Catch : سمجھنا : (verb) grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of.

Did you get it?
She didn`t get the joke.+ More

2 of 22) Get, Cause, Have, Induce, Make, Stimulate : قائل کرنا, مائل کرنا, آمادہ کرنا : (verb) cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner.

3 of 22) Get, Acquire : پانا, حاصل کرنا : (verb) come into the possession of something concrete or abstract.

Get your results the next day.
Get first acquire permission to take a few days off from work.

4 of 22) Get, Beget, Bring Forth, Engender, Father, Generate, Mother, Sire : باپ بننا : (verb) make children.

5 of 22) Get, Become, Go : ہونا, ہو گیا, ہو جانا : (verb) enter or assume a certain state or condition.

It must be getting more serious.
Get going!

6 of 22) Get, Capture, Catch : پکڑنا, پکڑ لینا : (verb) succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase.

Get her.

7 of 22) Get, Have, Let : ڈالنا : (verb) cause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition.

8 of 22) Get, Find, Incur, Obtain, Receive : لینا, پانا : (verb) receive a specified treatment (abstract).

9 of 22) Get, Arrive, Come : پہنچنا, کسی جگہ پہنچنا : (verb) reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress.

She didn`t get to Chicago until after midnight.

10 of 22) Get, Bring, Convey, Fetch : لادینا, جاکر لانا, جیسے کتاب لانا : (verb) go or come after and bring or take back.

Get me those books over there, please.

11 of 22) Get, Have, Make : جیتنا, حاصل کرنا : (verb) achieve a point or goal.

12 of 22) Get, Acquire, Develop, Grow, Produce : بڑھانا : (verb) come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes).

13 of 22) Get, Contract, Take : بیماری سے متاثر ہونا, بیماری ہونا : (verb) be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness.

14 of 22) Get, Aim, Drive : کسی طرف جانا : (verb) move into a desired direction of discourse.

15 of 22) Get : سے حاصل کرنا : (verb) reach by calculation.

What do you get when you add up these numbers?

16 of 22) Get : خریدنا : (verb) purchase.

What did you get at the toy store?

17 of 22) Get, Catch : سننا, سن کر سمجھنا : (verb) perceive by hearing.

She didn't get his name when they met the first time.

18 of 22) Get, Bugger Off, Buzz Off, Fuck Off, Scram : دفع ہوجانا, نکل جانا, نکل بھاگنا : (verb) leave immediately; used usually in the imperative form.

19 of 22) Get : تباہ ہونا, غالب آنا : (verb) overcome or destroy.

21 of 22) Get, Begin, Commence, Get Down, Set About, Set Out, Start, Start Out : ابتدا کرنا, آغاز کرنا : (verb) take the first step or steps in carrying out an action.

Let`s get the dinner started.
Get working as soon as the sun rises!+ More

22 of 22) Get, Have, Suffer, Sustain : متاثر ہونا, تکلیف یا درد ہونا, سہنا : (verb) undergo (as of injuries and illnesses).

Get in Idioms

Get It In The Neck : To receive trouble or punishment.

Get It Wrong : To understand or answer something inaccurately.

Don`t Get Me Wrong : Don`t understand me wrong.

Useful Words

Elusive : سمجھ سے باہر , Example : مشق کرنا , Lose : خطا کرنا , Non Compos Mentis : غیر صحت مند دماغ , Compos Mentis : باشعور , Cultivation : اصلاح , Fish : مچھلی کا شکار کرنا , Snap : پکڑنا , Clench : پکڑنا , Tentacle : شکنجہ , Hooked : کنڈے جیسا , Empathise : ہم درد ہونا , Understandingly : سمجھ بوجھ سے , Chase : پیچھے لگنا , Descry : جاسوسی کرنا , Ensnare : پھندے سے پکڑنا , Inflame : آگ لگانا , Lasso : لمبا رسے سے پکڑنا , Misapprehension : غلط فہمی , Insight : سمجھ , Enigmatic : وہ جو واضع نہ ہو , Incredible : حیرت انگیز , Ensnare : پھانسنا , Enmesh : جال سے پکڑنا , Nose : پتا لگانا , Hook : کنڈا , Closed Book : معمہ , Compatibility : موافقت , Grasp : پکڑ , Big : فراغ دل , Empathy : ہم دردی

Useful Words Definitions

Elusive: difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze.

Example: a task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding.

Lose: fail to perceive or to catch with the senses or the mind.

Non Compos Mentis: not of sound mind, memory, or understanding; in law, not competent to go to trial.

Compos Mentis: of sound mind, memory, and understanding; in law, competent to go to trial.

Cultivation: socialization through training and education to develop one`s mind or manners.

Fish: catch or try to catch fish or shellfish.

Snap: to grasp hastily or eagerly.

Clench: hold in a tight grasp.

Tentacle: something that acts like a tentacle in its ability to grasp and hold.

Hooked: having or resembling a hook (especially in the ability to grasp and hold).

Empathise: be understanding of.

Understandingly: with understanding.

Chase: go after with the intent to catch.

Descry: catch sight of.

Ensnare: catch in or as if in a trap.

Inflame: catch fire.

Lasso: catch with a lasso.

Misapprehension: an understanding of something that is not correct.

Insight: a feeling of understanding.

Enigmatic: not clear to the understanding.

Incredible: beyond belief or understanding.

Ensnare: take or catch as if in a snare or trap.

Enmesh: entangle or catch in (or as if in) a mesh.

Nose: catch the scent of; get wind of.

Hook: a catch for locking a door.

Closed Book: something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained.

Compatibility: a feeling of sympathetic understanding.

Grasp: an intellectual hold or understanding.

Big: generous and understanding and tolerant.

Empathy: understanding and entering into another`s feelings.

Related Words

Commerce : تجارت , Make : بنانا , Break Down : کمزوری سے گر جانا , Have : ہونا , Come Down : بیمار پڑ جانا , Catch : لگنا , Feather : پر نکلنا , Regrow : دوبارہ نشوونما پانا , Teethe : دانت نکالنا , Get Up : تیار کرنا , Change : بدل جانا , Understand : سمجھنا , Mix Up : الجھنا , Bedevil : پریشان کرنا , Calculate : شمار کرنا , Persuade : قائل کرنا , Bring : قائل کرنا , Solicit : ورغلانا , Lead : کسی عمل تک لے جانا , Inspire : آمادہ کرنا , Intend : مراد ہونا

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