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غَیر فِطری : Ghair Fitri Meaning in English

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1 of 3) غیر فطری فطرت کے خلاف : Unnatural : (adjective) not in accordance with or determined by nature; contrary to nature.

Related : Affected : acted upon; influenced.


2 of 3) غیر فطری : Abnormally : (adverb) in an abnormal manner.

3 of 3) شیخ چلی من چلا غیر فطری : Quixotic Romantic Wild-Eyed : (satellite adjective) not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic.

Related : Impractical : not practical; not workable or not given to practical matters.

Useful Words

غیر معمولی : Abnormal, Unnatural : not normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm. "Abnormal powers of concentration".

چہرے کی زردی : Achromasia, Lividity, Lividness, Luridness, Paleness, Pallidness, Pallor, Wanness : unnatural lack of color in the skin (as from bruising or sickness or emotional distress).

کالا جادو : Black Art, Black Magic, Necromancy, Sorcery : the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world.

اختراع : Contrivance : an artificial or unnatural or obviously contrived arrangement of details or parts etc.. "The plot contained too many improbable contrivances to be believable".

پراسرار طور پر : Eerily, Spookily : in an unnatural eery manner. "It was eerily quiet in the chapel".

بگڑی ہوئی شکل : Grotesque, Monstrous : distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous. "Tales of grotesque serpents eight fathoms long that churned the seas".

غیر فطری طور پر : Unnaturally : in an unnatural way. "His other arm lay across his chest, unnaturally, as if placed there deliberately, for a purpose".

خفیہ : Cryptic, Cryptical, Deep, Inscrutable, Mysterious, Mystifying : of an obscure nature. "The new insurance policy is written without cryptic or mysterious terms".

خوش مزاجی : Conviviality, Joviality : a jovial nature.

فطری طور پر : By Nature, Naturally : through inherent nature. "He was naturally lazy".

بدی : Evil, Vicious : having the nature of vice.

مصنوعی : Artificial, Unreal : contrived by art rather than nature. "Artificial flowers".

مستقل : Changeless, Constant, Invariant, Unvarying : unvarying in nature. "Maintained a constant temperature".

شک کرنے کی عادت : Suspicion, Suspiciousness : being of a suspicious nature. "His suspiciousness destroyed his marriage".

فطری : Cognate, Connate : related in nature. "Connate qualities".

موزوں : Apropos : of an appropriate or pertinent nature. "An apropos idea".

تبلیغی : Homiletic, Homiletical : of the nature of a homily or sermon. "Homiletic speech".

ضمنی طور پر : Accidentally, Incidentally : of a minor or subordinate nature. "These magnificent achievements were only incidentally influenced by Oriental models".

بنیادی طور پر : As Such, In And Of Itself, Intrinsically, Per Se : with respect to its inherent nature. "This statement is interesting in and of itself".

مختلف : Distinct, Distinguishable : (often followed by `from`) not alike; different in nature or quality. "Plants of several distinct types".

خیالی : Conceptional, Ideational, Notional : being of the nature of a notion or concept. "A plan abstract and conceptional".

بنیادی طور پر : Basically, Essentially, Fundamentally : in essence; at bottom or by one's (or its) very nature. "He is basically dishonest".

تشخیص : Diagnosing, Diagnosis : identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon. "The diagnosis revealed that he had a blood clot in his brain, so he had a stroke".

مجرمانہ : Criminal, Felonious : involving or being or having the nature of a crime. "A criminal offense".

سمجھنا : Understand : know and comprehend the nature or meaning of. "How do I make you understand ?".

علاقائی : Zonal, Zonary : relating to or of the nature of a zone. "The zonal frontier".

اعلانیہ : Asserting, Declarative, Declaratory : relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration.

یکساں : Homogeneous, Homogenous : all of the same or similar kind or nature. "A close-knit homogeneous group".

حق استفادہ سے متعلق : Usufructuary : of or relating to the nature of a usufruct.

مصنوعی طریقے سے : Artificially, By Artificial Means, Unnaturally : not according to nature; not by natural means. "Artificially induced conditions".

جذباتی کیفیت : Emotionalism, Emotionality : emotional nature or quality.

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