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غیر صحیح : Ghair Saheh Meaning in English

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1 of 2) غیر صحیح درست نہ ہونا : Inexact : (adjective) not exact.

Related : Inaccurate : not exact. Rough : not quite exact or correct. Imprecise : not precise.


2 of 2) بناوٹی غیر صحیح : Grandiose Hifalutin Highfalutin Highfaluting Hoity-Toity La-Di-Da : (satellite adjective) Pompous or pretentious.

Related : Pretentious : making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction.

Useful Words

دھوم دھام سے : Bombastically, Grandiosely : in a grandiose manner. "The building was bombastically spacious".

تقریباً : About, Approximately, Around, Close To, Just About, More Or Less, Or So, Roughly, Some : (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct. "My clothes were not ironed due to lack of electricity I will be there by eight o`clock approximately".

غلط حساب : Miscount : an inaccurate count.

غلط انداز سے : Incorrectly, Wrong, Wrongly : in an inaccurate manner. "You are getting it wrongly".

بے سرا : False, Off-Key, Sour : inaccurate in pitch. "A false (or sour) note".

غلط طور پر : Inaccurately : in an inaccurate manner. "This student works rather inaccurately and sloppily".

نادرستی : Inaccuracy : the quality of being inaccurate and having errors.

تخمینہ : Approximation, Estimate, Estimation, Idea : an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth. "Estimate the cost of new business".

ایک جیسا : Identical, Selfsame, Very : being the exact same one; not any other:. "This is the identical room we stayed in before".

غیر درست : Inaccurate : not exact. "An inaccurate translation".

مجبور ہونا : Compel : necessitate or exact. "The water shortage compels conservation".

مطابقت : Exactitude, Exactness : the quality of being exact. "He demanded exactness in all details".

اوسط ترین : Middlemost, Midmost : being in the exact middle.

یکسانیت : Identicalness, Identity, Indistinguishability : exact sameness. "They shared an identity of interests".

تقریباً : Approximate, Approximative, Rough : not quite exact or correct. "The approximate time was 10 o`clock".

متضاد : Antithesis : exact opposite. "His theory is the antithesis of mine".

استنباطی : Ratiocinative : based on exact thinking. "One's ratiocinative powers".

ہو بہو نقل کرنا : Autotype, Facsimile : an exact copy or reproduction.

لفظ بلفظ درست : Letter-Perfect, Word-Perfect : correct to the last detail; especially being in or following the exact words. "A letter-perfect rendition of the soliloquy".

بلکل ٹھیک : Precise : sharply exact or accurate or delimited. "You called me at the precise time".

سخت نظم و ضبط کا قائل : Disciplinarian, Martinet, Moralist : someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms.

روک گھڑی : Stop Watch, Stopwatch : a timepiece that can be started or stopped for exact timing (as of a race).

تال ترازو : Metronome : clicking pendulum indicates the exact tempo of a piece of music.

انعکاسی کیمرہ : Reflex Camera : camera that allows the photographer to view and focus the exact scene being photographed. "Form of reflex camera".

بالکل صحیح : Exact : marked by strict and particular and complete accordance with fact. "An exact mind".

نہیں : Non, Not : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that".

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