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Ghalat Hijje Karna : غَلَط ہِجّے کَرنا

1. Misspell : غلط ہجے کرنا : (verb) spell incorrectly.

Cho Mantar : Spell : a verbal formula believed to have magical force. "He whispered a spell as he moved his hands"

Jadu Tona, Mantar : Spell : a psychological state induced by (or as if induced by) a magical incantation.

Kuch Waqt : Spell : a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition. "Come here for a while"

Hijje Karna : Spell : orally recite the letters of or give the spelling of. "We had to spell out our names for the police officer"

Ghalat Tor Par, Ghalat Andaz Se : Incorrectly : in an inaccurate manner. "You are getting it wrongly"

نزلے زکام سے میری حالت خراب ہے