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گھریلو تھیٹر : Gharelo Thetar Meaning in English

Gharelo Thetar in Detail

1) گھریلو تھیٹر : Home Theater Home Theatre : (noun) television and video equipment designed to reproduce in the home the experience of being in a movie theater.


Useful Words

سینما : Cinema , گھریلو فلم : Home Movie , وہ جگہ جہاں فوجی اپریشن ہورہے ہوں : Field , ترغیب دینے والا : Prompter , ہدایت کار : Director , آپریشن کا کمرہ : Operating Room , مزاحیہ موسیقی : Musical , بڑا کمرہ جو موسیقی یا ڈراموں کی محفلوں کے لیے خاص ہو : Music Hall , گھر جانا : Go Home , گھریلو سائنس : Domestic Science , خاندان : Family , بیس بال کا رن : Home Run , تیمار خانہ : Home , گھر جیسا : Home Away From Home , موسیقی کے تار : Home Key , گھر : Abode , ذہن داخل ہونا : Click , متعلق ہونا : Hit Home , نشانے پر لینا : Home In , گھریلو ملازم : Home Help , خالص تنخواہ : Take-Home Pay , اندرون ملک : Home , کمانا : Bring Home , گھر پر : At Home , گھر : Home , بچے کو گھر پر پڑھوانا : Home-School , گھریلو کھیل : Home Game , قومی سیریز : Home Stand , گھر پر سینکا ہوا : Home-Baked , صدر دفتر : Central Office , ہوم کورٹ : Home Court

Useful Words Definitions

Cinema: a theater where films are shown.

Home Movie: a film made at home by an amateur photographer.

Field: a region in which active military operations are in progress.

Prompter: someone who assists a performer by providing the next words of a forgotten speech.

Director: someone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a show.

Operating Room: a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations.

Musical: a play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing.

Music Hall: a theater in which vaudeville is staged.

Go Home: return home.

Domestic Science: theory and practice of homemaking.

Family: a social unit living together.

Home Run: In baseball, a hit on which the batter scores a run.

Home: an institution where people are cared for.

Home Away From Home: a place where you are just as comfortable and content as if you were home.

Home Key: the basic key in which a piece of music is written.

Abode: housing that someone is living in.

Click: become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions.

Hit Home: refer to or be relevant or familiar to.

Home In: direct onto a point or target, especially by automatic navigational aids.

Home Help: a person hired to help in another`s home (especially one employed by a local authority to help the infirm with domestic work).

Take-Home Pay: what is left of your pay after deductions for taxes and dues and insurance etc.

Home: inside the country.

Bring Home: earn as a salary or wage.

At Home: at, to, or toward the place where you reside.

Home: where you live at a particular time.

Home-School: educate (one`s children) at home instead of sending (them) to a school.

Home Game: a game played at home.

Home Stand: a series of successive games played at a team`s home field or court.

Home-Baked: baked at home.

Central Office: (usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise.

Home Court: (basketball) the court where the host team plays its home games.

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