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Ghari : گھڑی

1. Clock : گھڑی : (noun) a timepiece that shows the time of day.

2. Dial : گھڑی : (noun) the face of a timepiece; graduated to show the hours.

3. Ticker, Watch : گھڑی : (noun) a small portable timepiece.

Tamasha : Show : the act of publicly exhibiting or entertaining. "You have stolen the show"

Waqt Janchnay K... : Timepiece : a measuring instrument or device for keeping time such as clock or sundial.

Kisi Cheez Ki S... : Face : the general outward appearance of something. "The face of the city is changing"

Tasur, Cheray Ka Tasur : Face : the feelings expressed on a person`s face. "A sad expression"

Gustakhi, Be Adbi, Bad Tameezi : Face : impudent aggressiveness. "There is a limit for boldness"

Thori Dor : Hour : distance measured by the time taken to cover it. "We live an hour from the airport"

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