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غرُور سے : Gharoor Se Meaning in English


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1 of 5) Haughtily : غرور سے Gharoor Se : (adverb) in a haughty manner.


2 of 5) Proudly : غرور سے Gharoor Se : (adverb) with pride; in a proud manner.

Urdu Synonym(s) : فخر سے Fakhar Se گھمنڈ سے Ghamand Se

3 of 5) Imperiously : غرور سے Gharoor Se : (adverb) in an imperious manner.

Urdu Synonym(s) : تحکمانہ طور پر Thakumana Tor Par

4 of 5) Loftily : غرور سے Gharoor Se : (adverb) in a lofty manner.

Urdu Synonym(s) : بلندی سے Bulandi Se

Useful Words

Tameez Dhang : Manner : a way of acting or behaving. "They don`t have manners to speak ?"

Tor Tariqa : Manner : how something is done or how it happens. "If you want to achieve success in life so change your mode from begging mode to fully aware mode like auto-pilot, start doing things that you`re already doing in slightly different ways such as look for business ideas through the internet instead of asking people"

Qisim : Manner : a kind. "What manner of man are you ?"

Gharoor Takabur : Pride : a feeling of self-respect and personal worth.

Fakhar : Pride : satisfaction with your (or another's) achievements. "He takes pride in his son's success"

Shiroun Ka Giroh : Pride : a group of lions.

Fakhar Karna : Pride : be proud of. "He prides himself on making it into law school"

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