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Ghilaf : غلاف

1. Cosy, Cozy, Tea Cosy, Tea Cozy : چائے پوش - غلاف - کیتلی کا غلاف : (noun) a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm.

2. Vagina : غلاف - فرج - نیام : (noun) the lower part of the female reproductive tract; a moist canal in female mammals extending from the labia minora to the uterus.

3. Cover, Covering, Natural Covering : غلاف : (noun) a natural object that covers or envelops.

Laganay Ka Amal : Covering : the work of applying something. "The doctor prescribed a topical application of iodine"

Chupana : Covering : the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it. "The cover concealed their guns from enemy aircraft"

Libas, Kapra : Cloth : artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers. "Have you made the clothes?"

Qayd Khana : Keep : a cell in a jail or prison. "They were kept in a hold"

Chai Ka Bartan : Teapot : pot for brewing tea; usually has a spout and handle.

Ghilaf : Covering : a natural object that covers or envelops. "Under a covering of dust"

Ruzi Roti : Keep : the financial means whereby one lives. "Each child was expected to pay for their keep"

Garam Karna : Warm : make warm or warmer. "The blanket will warm you"