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1 : کرویت Karwiyat : Globosity Rotundity Rotundness Sphericalness Sphericity Globularness : (noun) the roundness of a 3-dimensional object.

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3 Deuce-Ace Iii Leash Tercet Ternary Ternion Terzetto Three Threesome Tierce Trey Triad Trine Trinity Trio Triplet Troika : تین Teen : the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one.

Object : اعتراض کرنا Aitraz Karna : express or raise an objection or protest or criticism or express dissent. "She never objected to the amount of work her boss charged her with"

Embonpoint Plumpness Roundness : موٹاپا Motapa : the bodily property of being well rounded.

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