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Glove   Meaning in Urdu

1. Glove : دستانہ - ہاتھ کے غلاف : (noun) handwear: covers the hand and wrist.

Gantlet, Gauntlet, Metal Glove - a glove of armored leather; protects the hand.

2. Glove - Boxing Glove : مکے بازی کا دستانہ : (noun) boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters; worn for the sport of boxing.

Boxing, Fisticuffs, Pugilism - fighting with the fists.

Useful Words

Big - Large : وسیع : above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "I don`t have such a big job"

Boxing - Fisticuffs - Pugilism : مکے بازی : fighting with the fists.

Concealment - Cover - Covert - Screen : ڈھکن : a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something. "A screen of trees afforded privacy"

Cover - Covering - Natural Covering : غلاف : a natural object that covers or envelops. "Under a covering of dust"

Equipment : سازوسامان : an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service.

Champion - Fighter - Hero - Paladin : جہاد کرنے والا : someone who fights for a cause.

Clenched Fist - Fist : مٹھی : a hand with the fingers clenched in the palm (as for hitting). "What is hidden in my fist"

Boast - Feature - Sport : فخر سے دکھانا : wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner. "Don`t sport"

Worn : فرسودہ : affected by wear; damaged by long use. "Worn threads on the screw"

Articulatio Radiocarpea - Carpus - Radiocarpal Joint - Wrist - Wrist Joint : کلائی : a joint between the distal end of the radius and the proximal row of carpal bones.

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