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Gold Dust   Meaning in Urdu

1. Gold Dust : سونے کا چھوٹا سا ٹکڑا : (noun) the particles and flakes (and sometimes small nuggets) of gold obtained in placer mining.

Atomic Number 79, Au, Gold - a soft yellow malleable ductile (trivalent and univalent) metallic element; occurs mainly as nuggets in rocks and alluvial deposits; does not react with most chemicals but is attacked by chlorine and aqua regia.

Useful Words

Flake - Snowflake : برف کا گولا : a crystal of snow.

Gilded - Gold - Golden : سونے کا بنا ہوا : made from or covered with gold. "All that glitter is not gold"

Atom - Corpuscle - Molecule - Mote - Particle - Speck : ریزہ : (nontechnical usage) a tiny piece of anything.

Placer : رکھنے والا : an alluvial deposit that contains particles of some valuable mineral.

Little - Small : صغیر : limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "A little dining room"

Sometime : کبھی : at some indefinite or unstated time. "I get bored sometimes"

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