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1 of 3) Gravel, Crushed Rock : روڑی, چھوٹے پتھر : (noun) rock fragments and pebbles.

2 of 3) Gravel, Annoy, Bother, Chafe, Devil, Get At, Get To, Irritate, Nark, Nettle, Rag, Rile, Vex : پریشان کرنا, تنگ کرنا : (verb) cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations.

Useful Words

Shingle : چھوٹے چھوٹے پتھر , Agglomerate : آتش فشاں کا پتھر , Breccia : نوک دار پتھر , Xenolith : کسی چٹان میں پائے جانے والے وہ ٹکڑے جو اس چٹان سے متعلق نہ ہوں , Flower People : انتہائی آزاد خیال لوگ , Wash : مٹی کا بہاوٴ جیسے سڑک پر سے موسلا دھار بارش کی وجہ سے , Alluvial Deposit : پانی کی لائی ہوئی باریک زرخیز مٹی , Concrete : سیمنٹ اور پتھر سے مل کر بنے والا مواد , Aggregate : بجری پتھر وغیرہ , Cement : سیمنٹ , Mineral Vein : چٹان کی پرت , Rift : دراڑ , Cliff : چٹان , Gem : قیمتی پتھر , Rock 'n' Roll Musician : ہیجانی موسیقی , Crag : چٹان , Pebble : کنکر , Adesite : آتش فشاں کا پتھر , Jagger : انگریز روک اداکار , Gneiss : پرتیلی چٹان , Actinia : سرخ سمندری کیڑا , Tor : پہاڑی , Road Metal : بجری ریت وغیرہ , Wall Rock : دھاتی چٹانیں , Conglomerate : مرکب , Abrasion : پتھر کی گھسائی , Cranny : شگاف , Sand : بالو , Reef : پتھریلا ساحل , Rhinestone : نقلی مصنوعی ہیرا , Outcrop : باہر نکلا ہوا حصہ

Useful Words Definitions

Shingle: coarse beach gravel of small waterworn stones and pebbles (or a stretch of shore covered with such gravel).

Agglomerate: volcanic rock consisting of large fragments fused together.

Breccia: a rudaceous rock consisting of sharp fragments embedded in clay or sand.

Xenolith: (geology) a piece of rock of different origin from the igneous rock in which it is embedded.

Flower People: a youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s; advocated universal love and peace and communes and long hair and soft drugs; favored acid rock and progressive rock music.

Wash: the erosive process of washing away soil or gravel by water (as from a roadway).

Alluvial Deposit: clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down.

Concrete: a strong hard building material composed of sand and gravel and cement and water.

Aggregate: material such as sand or gravel used with cement and water to make concrete, mortar, or plaster.

Cement: a building material that is a powder made of a mixture of calcined limestone and clay; used with water and sand or gravel to make concrete and mortar.

Mineral Vein: a layer of ore between layers of rock.

Rift: a narrow fissure in rock.

Cliff: a steep high face of rock.

Gem: a crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry.

Rock 'n' Roll Musician: a performer or composer or fan of rock music.

Crag: a steep rugged rock or cliff.

Pebble: a small smooth rounded rock.

Adesite: dark greyish extrusive rock.

Jagger: English rock star (born in 1943).

Gneiss: a laminated metamorphic rock similar to granite.

Actinia: a genus of sea anemone common in rock pools.

Tor: a prominent rock or pile of rocks on a hill.

Road Metal: broken rock used for repairing or making roads.

Wall Rock: a rock immediately adjacent to a vein or fault.

Conglomerate: a composite rock made up of particles of varying size.

Abrasion: the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice.

Cranny: a small opening or crevice (especially in a rock face or wall).

Sand: a loose material consisting of grains of rock or coral.

Reef: a submerged ridge of rock or coral near the surface of the water.

Rhinestone: an imitation diamond made from rock crystal or glass or paste.

Outcrop: the part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land.

Related Words

Mix Up : الجھنا , Bedevil : پریشان کرنا , Eat Into : غصہ دلانا , Chafe : غصہ کرنا , Ruffle : چھیڑنا , Beset : ہراساں کرنا , Antagonise : دشمن بنا نا , Displease : ناخوش کرنا

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