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Grinding meaning in Urdu

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1) Grinding, Abrasion, Attrition, Detrition : پتھر کی گھسائی : (noun) the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice.

Useful Words

Conglomerate, Pudding Stone : مرکب : a composite rock made up of particles of varying size.

Atomic Number 11, Na, Sodium : سوڈیم : a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group; occurs abundantly in natural compounds (especially in salt water); burns with a yellow flame and reacts violently in water; occurs in sea water and in the mineral halite (rock salt).

Clouding, Clouding Up : جب پانی کے ذرات یا بخارات واضح ہوں : the process whereby water particles become visible in the sky.

Navigate, Sail, Voyage : ہوائی جہاز یا جہاز پر سفر کرنا : travel on water propelled by wind or by other means. "The QE2 will sail to Southampton tomorrow".

Cloud : ابر : a visible mass of water or ice particles suspended at a considerable altitude. "The clouds are showering".

Reef : پتھریلا ساحل : a submerged ridge of rock or coral near the surface of the water.

Erosion : کٹاو : condition in which the earth`s surface is worn away by the action of water and wind. "Erosion of mountain rocks".

Ripple Mark : لہر یا نشان : one of a series of small ridges produced in sand by water currents or by wind.

Tidal Wave : سمندر میں اٹھنے والی خطرناک لہر : an unusual (and often destructive) rise of water along the seashore caused by a storm or a combination of wind and high tide.

Abrasive, Scratchy : رگڑنے کا یا خراش کا سبب : causing abrasion.

Bruise : پچکا کر خراب کردینا : damage (plant tissue) by abrasion or pressure. "The customer bruised the strawberries by squeezing them".

Xenolith : کسی چٹان میں پائے جانے والے وہ ٹکڑے جو اس چٹان سے متعلق نہ ہوں : (geology) a piece of rock of different origin from the igneous rock in which it is embedded.

Flower People, Hippies, Hipsters : انتہائی آزاد خیال لوگ : a youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s; advocated universal love and peace and communes and long hair and soft drugs; favored acid rock and progressive rock music. "They were flower people".

Chafe, Fray, Fret, Rub, Scratch : اکھڑنا : cause friction. "My sweater scratches".

Grate, Grind : پیسنا کی آواز پیدا ہونا : make a grating or grinding sound by rubbing together. "Grate one's teeth in anger".

Grinder, Mill, Milling Machinery : چکی : machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing.

Cusp : دانت کا نوکدار کنارہ : small elevation on the grinding surface of a tooth.

Abrasion, Attrition, Corrasion, Detrition : گھساوٴ : erosion by friction.

Wear Away, Wear Off : بتدریج کم ہو جانا : diminish, as by friction. "Erosion wore away the surface".

Chew, Chewing, Manduction, Mastication : چبانے کا عمل : biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow.

Quern : ہاتھ کی چکی : a primitive stone mill for grinding corn by hand.

Grinder, Molar : ڈاڑھ : grinding tooth with a broad crown; located behind the premolars. "I have pain in my molar".

Attrited : گھسا ہوا : worn by rubbing or friction.

Chafe : خراش : soreness and warmth caused by friction. "He had a nasty chafe on his knee".

Hatless : بغیر ٹوپی کے : not wearing a hat. "Stood hatless in the rain with water dripping down his neck".

Wigged : وگ پہنے ہوئے : wearing a wig. "The judges all wigged and robed".

Flour : آٹا : fine powdery foodstuff obtained by grinding and sifting the meal of a cereal grain. "Flour sifting is important".

Gastric Mill, Gizzard, Ventriculus : پوٹا : thick-walled muscular pouch below the crop in many birds and reptiles for grinding food. "I love baked gizzard with garlic sauce".

Stockinged : جراب کی مانند : wearing stockings. "Walks about in his stockinged feet".

Booted : جوتا پہنے ہوئے : wearing boots.

Unclothed : برہنہ : not wearing clothing.

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