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Gross Profit Margin

1. Gross Profit Margin, Gross Profit, Margin : مجموعی نفع - نفع : (Noun) (finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold.

Earnings, Lucre, Net, Net Income, Net Profit, Profit, Profits - the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses).

Cost, Monetary Value, Price - دام - the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold); "Prices have jumped".

Finance - مالیات - the commercial activity of providing funds and capital.

Commodity, Good, Trade Good - تجارتی اشیاء - articles of commerce.

Cyberspace, Internet, Net - انٹرنيٹ - a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange; "The internet went slow".

Sale - سیل - a particular instance of selling; "he has just made his first sale".

Service - نوکری - work done by one person or group that benefits another; "budget separately for goods and services".

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