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Mastiff : ایک قسم کا کتا , Housedog : حفاظتی کتا , Security Guard : پہرے دار , Unguarded : غیر محفوظ , Admonish : تنبیہ کرنا , Beware : ہوشیار رہنا , Sheep Dog : بھیڑوں کی رکہوالی کرنے والا کتا , Moral Hazard : بیمہ دار کی ممکنہ بد دیانتی پر مبنی بیمہ کمپنی کو خطرہ , Blade : تلوار , P.O. : پیٹی افسر , Lieutenant Jg : نچلے درجے کا لیفٹیننٹ , Trotter : دلکی چال چلنے والا گہوڑا , Malleability : صورت پذیری , Chattel : منقولہ جائداد , Trespass : بے جا مداخلت کرنا , Communisation : قومی ملکیت میں لینا , Abandonment : جائیداد سے دست برداری , Estate : جائیداد , Trainee : جس کی تربیت ہور ہی ہو , Arboriculturist : ماہر شجریات , Courser : شکاری کتا , Steeplechaser : رکاوٹی دوڑ میں حصہ لینے والا , Mineralogist : ماہر معدنیات , Physicist : طبیعیات دان , Guide Dog : نابینا کی رہنمائی کرنے والا تربیت یافتہ کتا , Bibliographer : فہرست مرتب کرنے والا , Occupational : پیشہ ورانہ , Kamikaze : دوسری جنگ عظیم کا جاپانی پائلٹ , Cavalry : گھڑسوار فوج , Bird Dog : پرندے کی کھوج لگانے والا کتا , Athlete : کھلاڑی

Useful Words Definitions

Mastiff: an old breed of powerful deep-chested smooth-coated dog used chiefly as a watchdog and guard dog.

Housedog: a dog trained to guard a house.

Security Guard: a guard who keeps watch.

Unguarded: lacking protection or a guard.

Admonish: warn strongly; put on guard.

Beware: be on one`s guard; be cautious or wary about; be alert to.

Sheep Dog: any of various usually long-haired breeds of dog reared to herd and guard sheep.

Moral Hazard: (economics) the lack of any incentive to guard against a risk when you are protected against it (as by insurance).

Blade: a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard.

P.O.: a noncommissioned officer in the Navy or Coast Guard with a rank comparable to sergeant in the Army.

Lieutenant Jg: an officer holding a commissioned rank in the United States Navy or United States Coast Guard; below lieutenant and above ensign.

Trotter: a horse trained to trot; especially a horse trained for harness racing.

Malleability: the property of being physically malleable; the property of something that can be worked or hammered or shaped without breaking.

Chattel: personal as opposed to real property; any tangible movable property (furniture or domestic animals or a car etc).

Trespass: a wrongful interference with the possession of property (personal property as well as realty), or the action instituted to recover damages.

Communisation: a change from private property to public property owned by the community.

Abandonment: the voluntary surrender of property (or a right to property) without attempting to reclaim it or give it away.

Estate: everything you own; all of your assets (whether real property or personal property) and liabilities.

Trainee: someone who is being trained.

Arboriculturist: someone trained in forestry.

Courser: a dog trained for coursing.

Steeplechaser: a horse trained to run in steeplechases.

Mineralogist: a scientist trained in mineralogy.

Physicist: a scientist trained in physics.

Guide Dog: a dog trained to guide the blind.

Bibliographer: someone trained in compiling bibliographies.

Occupational: of or relating to the activity or business for which you are trained.

Kamikaze: a pilot trained and willing to cause a suicidal crash.

Cavalry: troops trained to fight on horseback.

Bird Dog: a gun dog trained to locate or retrieve birds.

Athlete: a person trained to compete in sports.

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Schipperke : بے دم نسل کا کتا

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