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گلابی بِگل نما پھولوں والا پودا : Gulabi Bigal Numa Phoolon Wala Powda Meaning in English

Gulabi Bigal Numa Phoolon Wala Powda in Detail

1) گلابی بگل نما پھولوں والا پودا : Abronia Umbellata Beach Sand Verbena Pink Sand Verbena : (noun) prostrate herb having heads of deep pink to white flowers; found in coastal dunes from British Columbia to Baja California.


Useful Words

سفید صنوبر : Abies Concolor , کاغذ نما پھول : Acroclinium Roseum , سجدہ کرنا : Bow Down , چوکس : Heads-Up , منہ جھکا کے لیٹنا : Prone , گھنٹے بھر کا پھول : Black-Eyed Susan , سفید قلمی سفوف : Flowers Of Zinc , ساحلی : Coastal , سمندر کے کنارے پر واقع میدان : Coastal Plain , ابورنیا پھولدار جھاڑی : Abronia , ہلکا گلابی بگل نما پھولوں والا پودا : Abronia Villosa , گہرے لال بگل نما پھولوں والا پودا : Abronia Maritima , پیلے بگل نما پھولوں والا پودا : Abronia Latifolia , رات کی رانی پھولوں والا پودا : Abronia Fragrans , بگل جیسے پھولوں والا پودا : Abronia Elliptica , سبز چائے : Herb Tea , جڑی بوٹی : Herb , زہریلی بوٹی : Herb Paris , قبض کش بوٹی : Boys-And-Girls , کھانے کے پتے : Comfrey , جڑی بوٹیوں کا باغ : Herb Garden , جڑی بوٹیوں کا طبیب : Herb Doctor , زہریلی بیری کا پودا : Baneberry , گل بوٹی : Geranium Robertianum , زہریلی بوٹی : Herb Of Grace , برطانوی : British , جنوبی امریکاکا ایک آزاد ملک جو ماضی میں برطانیہ کا حصہ تھا : British Guiana , برطانوی دولت مشترکہ : British Commonwealth , لندن : British Capital , ایک پاونڈ : British Pound , برطانوی فوج : British Army

Useful Words Definitions

Abies Concolor: medium to tall fir of central to western United States having a narrow erect crown and soft wood.

Acroclinium Roseum: flower of southwestern Australia having bright pink daisylike papery flowers; grown for drying.

Bow Down: get into a prostrate position, as in submission.

Heads-Up: fully alert and watchful.

Prone: lying face downward.

Black-Eyed Susan: annual weedy herb with ephemeral yellow purple-eyed flowers; Old World tropics; naturalized as a weed in North America.

Flowers Of Zinc: oxide of zinc; a white powder used as a pigment or in cosmetics or glass or inks and in zinc ointment.

Coastal: of or relating to a coast.

Coastal Plain: a plain adjacent to a coast.

Abronia: genus of western North American herbs having showy flowers.

Abronia Villosa: soft-haired sticky plant with heads of bright pink trumpet-shaped flowers; found in sandy desert soil; after ample rains may carpet miles of desert with pink from the southwestern United States to northern Mexico.

Abronia Maritima: plant having hemispherical heads of wine-red flowers; found in coastal dunes from California to Mexico.

Abronia Latifolia: plant having hemispherical heads of yellow trumpet-shaped flowers; found in coastal dunes from California to British Columbia.

Abronia Fragrans: taller than Abronia elliptica and having night-blooming flowers.

Abronia Elliptica: plant having heads of fragrant white trumpet-shaped flowers; grows in sandy arid regions.

Herb Tea: tea-like drink made of leaves of various herbs.

Herb: a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests.

Herb Paris: European herb with yellow-green flowers resembling and closely related to the trilliums; reputed to be poisonous.

Boys-And-Girls: Eurafrican annual naturalized in America as a weed; formerly dried for use as a purgative, diuretic or antisyphilitic.

Comfrey: leaves make a popular tisane; young leaves used in salads or cooked.

Herb Garden: a garden for growing herbs.

Herb Doctor: a therapist who heals by the use of herbs.

Baneberry: a plant having acrid poisonous berries. Cohosh refers to a group of flowering plants, including black cohosh and blue cohosh, used in herbal medicine. Black cohosh is commonly used to alleviate menopausal symptoms, while blue cohosh has traditional uses for various ailments.

Geranium Robertianum: a sticky low herb with small reddish-purple flowers; widespread in the northern hemisphere.

Herb Of Grace: European strong-scented perennial herb with grey-green bitter-tasting leaves; an irritant similar to poison ivy.

British: of or relating to or characteristic of Great Britain or its people or culture.

British Guiana: a republic in northeastern South America; formerly part of the British Empire, but it achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.

British Commonwealth: an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and several former British colonies that are now sovereign states but still pay allegiance to the British Crown.

British Capital: the capital and largest city of England; located on the Thames in southeastern England; financial and industrial and cultural center.

British Pound: the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland; equal to 100 pence.

British Army: the army of the United kingdom.

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