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گُلابی گُچّھے دار پھول کا درخت : Gulabi Guchay Dar Phool Ka Darakht Meaning in English


Gulabi Guchay Dar Phool Ka Darakht in Detail

1) گلابی گچھے دار پھول کا درخت : Cassia Grandis Horse Cassia Pink Shower Pink Shower Tree : (noun) tropical American semi-evergreen tree having erect racemes of pink or rose-colored flowers; used as an ornamental.

Useful Words

گلابی رنگ : American Centaury , خوشبو دار چھال والا چینی درخت : Cassia , آرائشی : Cosmetic , کھڑا : Erect , گھنٹے بھر کا پھول : Black-Eyed Susan , سفید قلمی سفوف : Flowers Of Zinc , گرم خطے کا : Tropic , پہوڑا : Aleppo Boil , گرم پانی کا جھنگا : Tropical Prawn , بڑا صنوبر : Abies Grandis , کپاس کا کیڑا : Anthonomus Grandis , چکوترا : Citrus Decumana , پورا سال سرسبز و شاداب رہنے والا : Evergreen , ٹونا منٹ میں آخری مقابلے سے قبل دو دو میں مقابلہ : Semi , اوک کا درخت : Evergreen Oak , ٹریکٹر اور ٹریلر پر مشتمل ٹرک : Articulated Lorry , جنگلی آلوچہ : Evergreen Cherry , امریکہ میں پائی جانے والی سیاہ بیری : Evergreen Winterberry , واشنگٹن : Evergreen State , جزوی طور پر رسمی : Black-Tie , جاپانی پتہ : Aglaonema Modestum , ایک لمبی گھاس : Aleppo Grass , کالی چاکلیٹ : Bittersweet Chocolate , دار چینی : Cassia , گھوڑے کی دوا کا درخت : Cassia Marginata , گرم خطے کا پھلی دار ایک قسم کا درخت : Canafistola , گرم خطے کا امریکا میں پایا جانے والا ایک حساس پودا : Cassia Fasciculata , گرم خطےکی ایک جھاڑی یا پودا پیلے پھولوں والا : Cassia Alata , خود رنگ : Self-Colored , یک طرفہ : Biased , مختلف رنگ والا : Calico

Useful Words Definitions

American Centaury: any of several pink-flowered marsh plant of the eastern United States resembling a true centaury.

Cassia: Chinese tree with aromatic bark; yields a less desirable cinnamon than Ceylon cinnamon.

Cosmetic: serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose.

Erect: upright in position or posture.

Black-Eyed Susan: annual weedy herb with ephemeral yellow purple-eyed flowers; Old World tropics; naturalized as a weed in North America.

Flowers Of Zinc: oxide of zinc; a white powder used as a pigment or in cosmetics or glass or inks and in zinc ointment.

Tropic: relating to or situated in or characteristic of the tropics (the region on either side of the equator).

Aleppo Boil: leishmaniasis of the skin; characterized by ulcerative skin lesions.

Tropical Prawn: edible tropical and warm-water prawn.

Abies Grandis: lofty fir of the Pacific coast of northwestern America having long curving branches and deep green leaves.

Anthonomus Grandis: greyish weevil that lays its eggs in cotton bolls destroying the cotton.

Citrus Decumana: southeastern Asian tree producing large fruits resembling grapefruits.

Evergreen: (of plants and shrubs) bearing foliage throughout the year.

Semi: one of the two competitions in the next to the last round of an elimination tournament.

Evergreen Oak: evergreen oak of southern Europe having leaves somewhat resembling those of holly; yields a hard wood.

Articulated Lorry: a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together.

Evergreen Cherry: California evergreen wild plum with spiny leathery leaves and white flowers.

Evergreen Winterberry: evergreen holly of eastern North America with oblong leathery leaves and small black berries.

Evergreen State: a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific.

Black-Tie: moderately formal; requiring a dinner jacket.

Aglaonema Modestum: erect or partially climbing herb having large green or variegated leaves.

Aleppo Grass: tall perennial grass that spreads by creeping rhizomes and is grown for fodder; naturalized in southern United States where it is a serious pest on cultivated land.

Bittersweet Chocolate: chocolate liquor with cocoa butter and small amounts of sugar and vanilla; lecithin is usually added.

Cassia: any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Cassia having pinnately compound leaves and usually yellow flowers followed by long seedpods.

Cassia Marginata: East Indian tree having long pods containing a black cathartic pulp used as a horse medicine.

Canafistola: deciduous or semi-evergreen tree having scented sepia to yellow flowers in drooping racemes and pods whose pulp is used medicinally; tropical Asia and Central and South America and Australia.

Cassia Fasciculata: tropical American plant having leaflets somewhat sensitive to the touch; sometimes placed in genus Cassia.

Cassia Alata: tropical shrub (especially of Americas) having yellow flowers and large leaves whose juice is used as a cure for ringworm and poisonous bites; sometimes placed in genus Cassia.

Self-Colored: of the same color throughout.

Biased: favoring one person or side over another.

Calico: having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly.

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