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غصّے کا اظہار : Gusse Ka Izhar Meaning in English

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1 of 2) غضب چڑچڑاہٹ غصے کا اظہار : Conniption Fit Scene Tantrum : (noun) a display of bad temper.

Related : Ill Temper : a persisting angry mood.


2 of 2) انکار مذمت کرنا پسند نہ آنا : Condemn Decry Excoriate Objurgate Reprobate : (verb) express strong disapproval of.

Related : Denounce : speak out against.

Useful Words

جھگڑالو عورت : Harpy, Hellcat, Vixen : a malicious woman with a fierce temper. "She was a vixen".

صابر : Patient : enduring trying circumstances with even temper or characterized by such endurance. "A patient smile".

قابو میں رکھنا : Check, Contain, Control, Curb, Hold, Hold In, Moderate : lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits. "Moderate your soda intake".

وجودمیں آنا : Appear, Come Along : come into being or existence, or appear on the scene. "Then the computer came along and changed our lives".

درمیانی فاصلہ : Middle Distance : the part of a scene between the foreground and the background.

مقام : Locale, Locus, Venue : the scene of any event or action (especially the place of a meeting). "Venue is not known yet".

دلفریب سر زمین : Wonderland : a place or scene of great or strange beauty or wonder.

پس منظر : Background, Ground : the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground. "He posed her against a background of rolling hills".

منظر نامہ : Cyclorama, Diorama, Panorama : a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene.

معرکہ خیر و شر : Armageddon : (New Testament) the scene of the final battle between the kings of the Earth at the end of the world.

مار کے بھاگنا : Hit-And-Run : involving a driver of a motor vehicle who leaves the scene of an accident.

انعکاسی کیمرہ : Reflex Camera : camera that allows the photographer to view and focus the exact scene being photographed. "Form of reflex camera".

تصویر : Icon, Ikon, Image, Picture : a visual representation (of an object or scene or person or abstraction) produced on a surface. "They showed us the pictures of their wedding".

مجسم بینی : Stereoscopic Vision, Stereoscopy : three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina.

قدیم یونانی قصبہ : Abydos : an ancient Greek colony on the Asiatic side of the Dardanelles; scene of the legend of Hero and Leander.

تصویر : Exposure, Photo, Photograph, Pic, Picture : a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material. "Don`t take photo without permission".

دکھاوا : Parade : a visible display. "She made a parade of her sorrows".

دکھانے لانا : Bring Forth, Produce : bring out for display. "The proud father produced many pictures of his baby".

غصہ ہونا : Brood, Pout, Sulk : be in a huff and display one`s displeasure. "He got sulk when he didn`t get expected pair of shoes".

لیکوڈ کرسٹل ڈسپلے : Lcd, Liquid Crystal Display : Liquid Crystal Display. "She just purchased 42 inch LCD TV".

فلم کی نمائش : Screening, Showing, Viewing : the display of a motion picture. "Latest screening movies 2023".

چارٹ : Chart : a visual display of information.

گرم جوشی کا مظاہرہ کرنا : Backslap : display excessive cordiality (towards). "He is always backslapping his colleagues at staff meetings".

دکھاوا : Affectation, Affectedness, Mannerism, Pose : a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display.

اکڑ دکھانا : Flash, Flaunt, Ostentate, Show Off, Swank : display proudly; act ostentatiously or pretentiously. "He recently became a rich guy so now he is showing off".

پر نمود : Flashy, Gaudy, Jazzy, Showy, Sporty : (used especially of clothes) marked by conspicuous display.

دکھاوا : Gaudery, Pomp : cheap or pretentious or vain display. "It was a decent ceremony without much pomp".

دکھاوا : Splurge : an ostentatious display (of effort or extravagance etc.). "Splurge on vacation".

دکان میں چوری کا عمل : Shoplifting, Shrinkage : the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store. "He got caught shoplifting".

رسمی : Ceremonious, Pompous : characterized by pomp and ceremony and stately display.

جلا بھنا : Sulk, Sulkiness : a mood or display of sullen aloofness or withdrawal. "Stayed home in a sulk".

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