Haemorrhoidectomy Haemorrhoid Haemorrhage Haemoptysis Haemopoiesis Haemophilia A Haemophilia Haemolysin Haemosiderosis Haemothorax Hafnium Haft Hag Haggard Haggardly Haggis Haggle Haggler Haggling Hagiolatry

Haemosiderosis Meaning in Urdu

1. Haemosiderosis - Hemosiderosis : بافتوں میں لوہے کا جمع ہونا : (noun) abnormal deposit of hemosiderin; often a symptom of thalassemia or hemochromatosis.

Useful Words

Abnormal - Unnatural : غیر معمولی : not normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm. "Abnormal powers of concentration"

Deposit : امانت : Something given for safekeeping. "Return my deposit"

Frequently - Oft - Often - Oftentimes - Ofttimes : اکثر : many times at short intervals. "As often happens"

Mediterranean Anaemia - Mediterranean Anemia - Thalassaemia - Thalassemia : خون میں ہمیو گلوبین کی کمی کا خاندانی مرض : an inherited form of anemia caused by faulty synthesis of hemoglobin.

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