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حاکم اعلی : Hakim Aala Meaning in English

Hakim Aala in Detail

1) حاکم اعلی سلطنت : Throne : (noun) the position and power of an exalted person (a sovereign or bishop) who is entitled to sit in a chair of state on ceremonial occasions.


Useful Words

پادری کا تخت : Bishop's Throne , حقدار : Entitled , عظیم : Elevated , حاکمیت اعلی : Sovereign , حاکم : Hakim , سلطان : Crowned Head , حکیم : Hakeem , خود مختار : Autonomous , تقریب : Ceremonial , تخت پر بٹھانا : Enthrone , رسمی : Ceremonial , مذہبی رقص : Ceremonial Dance , پادری : Bishop , موقف : Position , رومن کیتھولک پادری : Bishop Of Rome , نکتہ اتفاق : Aide-Memoire , صدر : Chair , آرام دے کرسی : Easy Chair , حجامی کرسی : Barber Chair , جھولنے والی کرسی : Rocker , پالکی : Sedan , سہارے والی کرسی : Yacht Chair , سہارا کار کرسی : Lounger , موڑے والی کرسی : Folding Chair , آرام دہ کرسی جس کی پشت آگے پیچھے کی جا سکتی ہو : Morris Chair , بچے کی کرسی : Feeding Chair , کرسی جس کی پشت پر زینہ نما ڈزائن ہو : Ladder-Back , سیٹھ : Baron , طاقت کی دو قدروں کے درمیان تعلق کا قانون : Power Law , ذہانت : Ability , بحری طاقت : Sea Power

Useful Words Definitions

Bishop's Throne: a throne that is the official chair of a bishop.

Entitled: qualified for by right according to law.

Elevated: of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style.

Sovereign: greatest in status or authority or power.

Hakim: a Muslim ruler or governor or judge.

Crowned Head: a nation`s ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right.

Hakeem: a Muslim physician.

Autonomous: (of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces.

Ceremonial: a formal event performed on a special occasion.

Enthrone: put a monarch on the throne.

Ceremonial: marked by pomp or ceremony or formality.

Ceremonial Dance: a dance that is part of a religious ritual.

Bishop: a senior member of the Christian clergy having spiritual and administrative authority; appointed in Christian churches to oversee priests or ministers; considered in some churches to be successors of the twelve Apostles of Christ.

Position: a rationalized mental attitude.

Bishop Of Rome: the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Aide-Memoire: a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications).

Chair: the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization.

Easy Chair: a comfortable upholstered armchair.

Barber Chair: a large fixed adjustable chair in which barbers seat their customers.

Rocker: a chair mounted on rockers.

Sedan: a closed litter for one passenger.

Yacht Chair: a light folding armchair for outdoor use.

Lounger: an armchair whose back can be lowered and foot can be raised to allow the sitter to recline in it.

Folding Chair: a chair that can be folded flat for storage.

Morris Chair: an armchair with an adjustable back.

Feeding Chair: a chair for feeding a very young child; has four long legs and a footrest and a detachable tray.

Ladder-Back: a chair with a ladder-back.

Baron: a very wealthy or powerful businessman around people.

Power Law: (psychophysics) the concept that the magnitude of a subjective sensation increases proportional to a power of the stimulus intensity.

Ability: possession of the qualities (especially mental qualities) required to do something or get something done.

Sea Power: naval strength.

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