Half-Hearted Half-Dozen Half-Crazed Half-Caste Half-Brother Half-Baked Half-And-Half Half Volley Half-Heartedly Half-Hour Half-Moon Half-Pint Half-Sister Half-Slip Half-Time Half-Truth Half-Wit Half-Witted Half-Yearly Halfhearted

Half-Heartedly meaning in Urdu

Half-Heartedly Sentence

She tried half heartedly.

Half-Heartedly Definitions

1) Half-Heartedly : بے دلی کے ساتھ : (adverb) without enthusiasm; in a half-hearted manner.


Useful Words

Cowardly : بزدلانہ , Half-And-Half : آدھا دودھ آدھی بلائی , Mermaid : جل پری , Dishearten : ناامید کرنا , Whoop : خوشی سے چیخنا , Burbling : جوش بھری تقریر , Chilliness : سرد مہری , Ardent : بڑا جوشیلا , Madness : دیوانگی , Apathy : مردہ دلی , Banzai : جاپانی جیت کا نعرہ , Dispirited : بے دلانہ , Avid : سر گرم , Half-Hearted : جوش کے بغیر , Anglomania : انگریز پرستی , Fanatic : انتہا پسند , Pumped : پر جوش , Apathy : سرد مہری , Mass Meeting : بڑا جلسہ عام , Fanatic : کٹر , Bisect : دو حصوں میں تقسیم کرنا , 30 Minutes : تیس منٹ , Dozy : اونگھ , Cerebral Hemisphere : دماغ کے دو حصوں میں سے کوئی ایک حصہ , Halfway : آدھے فاصلہ پر , Absolute Majority : نصف سے زائد تعداد , Semicircular : نیم مدور , Semester : چھ ماہ کی مدت کا عرصہ , Hindquarter : جانور کے پچھلے حصے کا گوشت , Stoop : جھکنا , 880 Yards : آدھا میل

Useful Words Definitions

Cowardly: lacking courage; ignobly timid and faint-hearted.

Half-And-Half: half milk and half light cream; contains 10% to 18% butterfat.

Mermaid: half woman and half fish; lives in the sea.

Dishearten: take away the enthusiasm of.

Whoop: shout, as if with joy or enthusiasm.

Burbling: uttered with unrestrained enthusiasm.

Chilliness: a lack of affection or enthusiasm.

Ardent: characterized by strong enthusiasm.

Madness: unrestrained excitement or enthusiasm.

Apathy: an absence of emotion or enthusiasm.

Banzai: a Japanese cheer of enthusiasm or triumph.

Dispirited: marked by low spirits; showing no enthusiasm.

Avid: marked by active interest and enthusiasm.

Half-Hearted: feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm.

Anglomania: an excessive enthusiasm for all things English.

Fanatic: a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm (as for a cause).

Pumped: tense with excitement and enthusiasm as from a rush of adrenaline.

Apathy: the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally.

Mass Meeting: a large gathering of people intended to arouse enthusiasm.

Fanatic: marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea.

Bisect: cut in half or cut in two.

30 Minutes: a half of an hour.

Dozy: half asleep.

Cerebral Hemisphere: either half of the cerebrum.

Halfway: at half the distance; at the middle.

Absolute Majority: (elections) more than half of the votes.

Semicircular: curved into a half circle.

Semester: half a year; a period of 6 months.

Hindquarter: the back half of a side of meat.

Stoop: an inclination of the top half of the body forward and downward.

880 Yards: a unit of length equal to half of 1 mile.

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