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حلف : Half Meaning in English

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1 of 2) حلف قسم : Adjuration : (noun) a solemn and earnest appeal to someone to do something.

Related : Prayer : earnest or urgent request.

2 of 2) حلف قسم : Oath Swearing : (noun) a commitment to tell the truth (especially in a court of law); to lie under oath is to become subject to prosecution for perjury.

Related : Dedication : a message that makes a pledge.

Useful Words

ناقابل مرافعہ : Unappealable : not subject to appeal. "The judge's ruling was handed down in a preliminary hearing rather than a trial and was therefore unappealable".

کوسنا : Anathemise, Anathemize, Bedamn, Beshrew, Curse, Damn, Imprecate, Maledict : wish evil upon; appeal harm upon. "Mr Hussain adopted a child from the hospital because he had no baby but he became a criminal when he grew up and Mr Hussain still curse the day when he adopted him".

اپیل کرنا : Plead : appeal or request earnestly. "I pleaded with him to stop".

دلکشی : Winsomeness : childlike charm or appeal. "Winsomeness picture".

وقف کرنے کا عمل : Consecration : a solemn commitment of your life or your time to some cherished purpose (to a service or a goal). "His consecration to study".

درخواست کرنا : Call On, Turn : have recourse to or make an appeal or request for help or information to. "She called on her Representative to help her".

ٹھنڈا : Unimpassioned : free from emotional appeal; marked by reasonableness. "Answered with an unimpassioned defense".

بد دعا : Condemnation, Curse, Execration : an appeal to some supernatural power to inflict evil on someone or some group.

دلی : Dear, Devout, Earnest, Heartfelt : earnest. "Listen to my heartfelt wish".

خلوص : Earnestness, Seriousness, Sincerity : an earnest and sincere feeling. "Show sincerity in dealing".

عرض : Appeal, Entreaty, Prayer : earnest or urgent request. "An entreaty to stop the fighting".

مخالفت : Expostulation, Objection, Remonstrance, Remonstration : the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest. "Junaid`s father has objection to his joining a political party as he has been arrested several times before".

التجا کرنا : Supplicate : make a humble, earnest petition. "Supplicate for permission".

اقدام : Attempt, Effort, Endeavor, Endeavour, Try : earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something. "Made an effort to cover all the reading material".

فوری ضرورت : Urgency : the state of being urgent; an earnest and insistent necessity.

وعدہ کرنا : Assure, Promise : make a promise or commitment. "Promise me, you wouldn`t tell anyone".

ضمانت : Assurance, Pledge : a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something. "An assurance of help when needed".

گارنٹی : Guarantee : an unconditional commitment that something will happen or that something is true. "There is no guarantee that they are not lying".

پیچھے ہٹنا : Back Away, Back Out, Crawfish, Crawfish Out, Pull Back, Pull In One's Horns, Retreat, Withdraw : make a retreat from an earlier commitment or activity. "Don`t back out ok".

وعدہ : Promise : a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future. "Don`t make false promise".

نسل پرستی : Communalism : loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole. "Durga Puja violence shows that communalism is still alive".

حالات کا ایسا موڑ جہاں سے واپسی ناممکن ہو : Point Of No Return, Rubicon : a line that when crossed permits of no return and typically results in irrevocable commitment.

سنجیدگی : Graveness, Gravity, Soberness, Sobriety, Somberness, Sombreness : a manner that is serious and solemn.

عہد وفاداری : Plight, Troth : a solemn pledge of fidelity.

قسم کھانے والا : Swearer : someone who takes a solemn oath.

فرض : Adjuratory : containing a solemn charge or command.

عیسائیوں کا موسیقی کے ساتھ دعا کرنا : High Mass : a solemn and elaborate Mass with music. "High Mass is being sung in the church".

مخالفت : Protest, Protestation : a formal and solemn declaration of objection. "They finished the game under protest to the league president".

شہادت : Testimony : a solemn statement made under oath. "His testimony is an essential element of a prosecution case".

رسم : Ceremony : any activity that is performed in an especially solemn elaborate or formal way. "The ceremony of smelling the cork and tasting the wine".

التجا : Rogation : a solemn supplication ceremony prescribed by the church.

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