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Haliaeetus Leucocephalus Meaning in Urdu

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1) Haliaeetus Leucocephalus : امریکی عقاب Amreki Uqab : (noun) a large eagle of North America that has a white head and dark wings and body.

English Synonym(s) : American Eagle Bald Eagle

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Useful Words

America The States U.S. U.S.A. United States United States Of America Us Usa : ریاستہاۓ متحدہ امریکا Riyasat E Muttahida America : North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776. "People get handsome pay in USA"

Body Organic Structure Physical Structure : جسم Jisim : the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being). "He felt as if his whole body were on fire"

Dark Night Nighttime : رات Raat : the time after sunset and before sunrise while it is dark outside. Dark and nighttime these are synonyms of night, related words of night is evening and period. "Night Prayer"

Bird Of Jove Eagle : شاہین Shaheen : any of various large keen-sighted diurnal birds of prey noted for their broad wings and strong soaring flight.

Caput Head : سر Sar : the upper part of the human body or the front part of the body in animals; contains the face and brains. "I got head lice"

Big Large : وسیع Wase : above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "I don`t have such a big job"

Due North N North Northward : شمال Shumal : the cardinal compass point that is at 0 or 360 degrees.

White : سفید Safed : being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness; having little or no hue owing to reflection of almost all incident light. "Just white"

Wing : پر Par : a movable organ for flying (one of a pair).

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