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Hand Definitions

1 of 8) Hand, Manus, Mitt, Paw : ہاتھ : (noun) the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb.

Do not fold your hands.
Get your hand off my head please.+ More

2 of 8) Hand, Give, Pass, Pass On, Reach, Turn Over : پکڑانا : (verb) place into the hands or custody of.

Hand me the spoon, please.

3 of 8) Hand, Hired Hand, Hired Man : کرائے کا کسان : (noun) a hired laborer on a farm or ranch.

The hired hand fixed the railing.
A ranch hand.

4 of 8) Hand, Handwriting, Script : ہاتھ کی لکھائی : (noun) something written by hand.

She recognized his handwriting.
His hand was illegible.

5 of 8) Hand : صلاحیت : (noun) ability.

He wanted to try his hand at singing.

6 of 8) Hand : طرف : (noun) one of two sides of an issue.

On the one hand..., but on the other hand.

7 of 8) Hand : خیرمقدم : (noun) a round of applause to signify approval.

Give the little lady a great big hand.

8 of 8) Hand, Helping Hand : مدد, تعاون : (noun) physical assistance.

Give me a hand with the chores.

Hand in Idioms

Hold The Whip Hand : Have influence or control over somebody or something.

Count Something On The Fingers Of One Hand : Something happens rarely.

Have A Hand In : To continue to do something in order to balance a skill or ability.

Useful Words

Arm : بازو , Grapple : کشتی , Underbid : کم بولی دینا , Bluff : فریب دینا , Forearm : کونی اور کلائی کے درمیان والا بازو کا وہ حصہ , Leg : ٹانگ , Pick Up : پکڑ لینا , Carry : پاس ہونا , Cuff : ہاتھ سے مارنا , Manually : ہاتھ سے , Dextrality : دائیں ہاتھ سے زیادہ کام کرنے کی عادت , Recto : دائیں ہاتھ کا صفحہ , Present : دے دینا , Handedness : ایک ہاتھ کو دوسرے ہاتھ کی نسبت زیادہ استعمال کرنے کا رجحان , Unhand : ہاتھ اٹھا لینا , Nearby : پاس ہی , However : تاہم , Unavailable : غیر دستیاب , Holographic : ہاتھ سے لکھا , Handwrite : ہاتھ کی لکھائی , Wafture : ہاتھ ہلہ کر اشارہ کرنے کا عمل , Ambidextrous : دو ہتھیا , Running Stitch : باریک ہموار ٹانکے , Right : سیدھا ہاتھ , Extemporize : بروقت مہیا چیزیں استعمال کرنا , Left-Handedness : کھبا پن , Hack Saw : دھات کاٹنے والا تیز دستی آرا , Deliver : ملک بدر کرنا , Inventory : تجارتی سامان , Fistful : مٹھی بھر , Accessibility : دستیابی

Useful Words Definitions

Arm: a human limb; technically the part of the superior limb between the shoulder and the elbow but commonly used to refer to the whole superior limb.

Grapple: the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat.

Underbid: bid (a hand of cards) at less than the strength of the hand warrants.

Bluff: deceive an opponent by a bold bet on an inferior hand with the result that the opponent withdraws a winning hand.

Forearm: the part of the superior limb between the elbow and the wrist.

Leg: a human limb; commonly used to refer to a whole limb but technically only the part of the limb between the knee and ankle.

Pick Up: take up by hand.

Carry: have on hand.

Cuff: hit with the hand.

Manually: by hand.

Dextrality: preference for using the right hand.

Recto: right-hand page.

Present: hand over formally.

Handedness: the property of using one hand more than the other.

Unhand: remove the hand from.

Nearby: close at hand.

However: by contrast; on the other hand.

Unavailable: not available or accessible or at hand.

Holographic: written entirely in one`s own hand.

Handwrite: write by hand.

Wafture: the act of signaling by a movement of the hand.

Ambidextrous: equally skillful with each hand.

Running Stitch: small, even, hand stitches run in and out.

Right: the hand that is on the right side of the body.

Extemporize: manage in a makeshift way; do with whatever is at hand.

Left-Handedness: preference for using the left hand.

Hack Saw: saw used with one hand for cutting metal.

Deliver: hand over to the authorities of another country.

Inventory: the merchandise that a shop has on hand.

Fistful: the quantity that can be held in the hand.

Accessibility: the quality of being at hand when needed.

Related Words

Aid : سہارا , Homo : انسان , Clenched Fist : مٹھی , Hooks : مضبوط ہاتھ , Left : الٹا ہاتھ , Ability : ذہانت , Side : پہلو , Cursive : رواں خط , Calligraphy : خطاطی , Cacography : خراب لکھائی , Applause : تالی بجا کر ستائش کرنا , Drover : چرواہا , Jack : محنت کش , Groom : اصطبل دار , Slip : خفیہ طریقے سے فراہم کرنا , Deliver : حوالے کرنا , Free : چھوڑ دینا , Commit : سونپنا , Entrust : کسی کے حوالے کرنا

Hand in Book Titles

Raise Your Hand.
Language Of The Hand.
Cheiro`s Language of the Hand.

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