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Handlebar meaning in Urdu

Handlebar Definitions

1) Handlebar : دستہ, ہینڈل : (noun) the shaped bar used to steer a bicycle.


Useful Words

Oar : کشتی کا چپو , Stocker : ذخیرہ اندوز کو اسٹاک کرنے اور ان کو جمع کرنے والا , Bicycle : سائیکل چلانا , Bicycling : سائیکل سواری , Bicycler : سائیکل سوار , Cycling : سائیکل چلانا , Luggage Carrier : سامان رکھنے کا اسٹینڈ , Pannier : بستہ , Mudguard : مڈ گارڈ , Skibob : برف گاڑی , Kickstand : کیک اسٹینڈ , Cube-Shaped : مکعبی , Almond-Shaped : بادام جیسا , Acorn-Shaped : نالی نما , Cuneal : تکون , Annular : چھلے دار , Dish-Shaped : ڈش یا پیالے کی شکل , Navicular : کشتی نما , Bursiform : تھیلی نما , Asteroid : ستارہ نما , Bulb-Shaped : بلب جیسا , Cruciate : صلیب نما , Lingulate : زبان کی مانند , Ovoid : بیضوی , Rough : بنا تراشا , Campanular : گھنٹی نما , Triangularity : مثلثی , Acanthoid : ریڑھ دار , Bladelike : سیف نما , Blotch : داغ , Chevron : امتیازی نشان

Useful Words Definitions

Oar: an implement used to propel or steer a boat.

Stocker: a domestic animal (especially a young steer or heifer) kept as stock until fattened or matured and suitable for a breeding establishment.

Bicycle: ride a bicycle.

Bicycling: riding a bicycle.

Bicycler: a person who rides a bicycle.

Cycling: the sport of traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle.

Luggage Carrier: carrier (as behind a bicycle seat) for luggage.

Pannier: either of a pair of bags or boxes hung over the rear wheel of a vehicle (as a bicycle).

Mudguard: a curved piece above the wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle to protect the rider from water or mud thrown up by the wheels.

Skibob: a vehicle resembling a bicycle but having skis instead of wheels; the rider wears short skis for balancing.

Kickstand: a swiveling metal rod attached to a bicycle or motorcycle or other two-wheeled vehicle; the rod lies horizontally when not in use but can be kicked into a vertical position as a support to hold the vehicle upright when it is not being ridden.

Cube-Shaped: shaped like a cube.

Almond-Shaped: shaped like an almond.

Acorn-Shaped: shaped like an acorn.

Cuneal: shaped like a wedge.

Annular: shaped like a ring.

Dish-Shaped: shaped like a dish or pan.

Navicular: shaped like a boat.

Bursiform: shaped like a pouch.

Asteroid: shaped like a star.

Bulb-Shaped: shaped like a bulb.

Cruciate: shaped like a cross.

Lingulate: shaped like a tongue.

Ovoid: an egg-shaped object.

Rough: not shaped by cutting or trimming.

Campanular: shaped like a bell or campana.

Triangularity: the property of being shaped like a triangle.

Acanthoid: shaped like a spine or thorn.

Bladelike: shaped like a sword blade.

Blotch: an irregularly shaped spot.

Chevron: an inverted V-shaped charge.

Related Words

Bar : سریا , Bicycle : سائیکل , Grip : قبضہ

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