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Hard-Hitting meaning in Urdu

Hard-Hitting Sentence

A hard hitting advertising campaign.

Hard-Hitting Synonym

Hard-Hitting Definitions

1) Hard-Hitting, High-Pressure : کڑی محنت کرنے والا : (satellite adjective) aggressively and persistently persuasive.


Useful Words

Clip-Clop : گہوڑے کی ٹاپوں کی آواز , Pyrene : پھلوں کے اندر پائی جانے والی گٹھلی , Carom : ٹکرا کر واپس آنا , Belt : ڈھب ڈھب کرنا , Callosity : سخت جلد , Swing : مارنے کے لئے گھمانا , Clenched Fist : مٹھی , Putt : گالف کی گیند کو مارنا , Address : گالف کی بال کو مارنے کی تیاری کرنا , Paddle : بلا , Half Volley : ٹینس میں گیند کو زمین سے اچھلتے ہی مارنا , Blackjack : درا , Marble : سنگ مرمر , Ceramic : ظروف , Apple Nut : ایک قسم کا بیج , Braze : ٹانکا لگانا , Air Current : ہوا , Wallop : خوب مارنا , Bash : زور سے مارنا , Blast : زور سے مارنا , Walloper : مکے باز شخص , Asperity : سخت گیری , Dig : محنت کرنا , Difficult : بے قابو , Harden : سخت تر کر دینا , Trying : دشوار , Abrade : رگڑ نا , Unbeatable : ناقابل شکست , Horse Trader : بہترین سودے باز , Seed : گٹھلی , Ossify : سخت ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Clip-Clop: the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface.

Pyrene: the small hard nutlet of a drupe or drupelet; the seed and the hard endocarp that surrounds it.

Carom: rebound after hitting.

Belt: the act of hitting vigorously.

Callosity: an area of skin that is thick or hard from continual pressure or friction (as the sole of the foot).

Swing: move in a curve or arc, usually with the intent of hitting.

Clenched Fist: a hand with the fingers clenched in the palm (as for hitting).

Putt: hitting a golf ball that is on the green using a putter.

Address: adjust and aim (a golf ball) at in preparation of hitting.

Paddle: small wooden bat with a flat surface; used for hitting balls in various games.

Half Volley: a tennis return made by hitting the ball immediately after it bounces.

Blackjack: a piece of metal covered by leather with a flexible handle; used for hitting people.

Marble: a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material.

Ceramic: an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures.

Apple Nut: nutlike seed of a South American palm; the hard white shell takes a high polish and is used for e.g. buttons.

Braze: solder together by using hard solder with a high melting point.

Air Current: air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

Wallop: hit hard.

Bash: hit hard.

Blast: hit hard.

Walloper: a very hard hitter.

Asperity: something hard to endure.

Dig: work hard.

Difficult: hard to control.

Harden: become hard or harder.

Trying: hard to endure.

Abrade: rub hard or scrub.

Unbeatable: hard to defeat.

Horse Trader: a hard bargainer.

Seed: a little hard fruit.

Ossify: cause to become hard and bony.

Related Words

Aggressive : جارحانہ

Close Words

Hard : کٹھن , Hard Cash : سکہ , Hard Coal : معدنی کوئلہ , Hard Drug : ہیروئن , Hard Knocks : مصیبت , Hard Put : مالی مشکلات کا سامنا کرنا , Hard Roe : مچھلی کے انڈے , Hard Sell : فروخت کرنے کی جارحانہ تکنیک , Hard Up : کنگلا , Hard Worker : جدوجہد کرنے والا , Hard-And-Fast : پکا اور محفوظ

Close Words Definitions

Hard: not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure.

Hard Cash: money in the form of bills or coins.

Hard Coal: a hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat.

Hard Drug: a narcotic that is considered relatively strong and likely to cause addiction.

Hard Knocks: a state of misfortune or affliction.

Hard Put: facing or experiencing financial trouble or difficulty.

Hard Roe: fish eggs or egg-filled ovary; having a grainy texture.

Hard Sell: forceful and insistent advertising.

Hard Up: not having enough money to pay for necessities.

Hard Worker: someone who works as hard as a slave.

Hard-And-Fast: (of rules) stringently enforced.

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