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Hard-Line meaning in Urdu

Hard-Line Sentence

A hard line policy.

Hard-Line Synonym

Hard-Line Definitions

1) Hard-Line, Hardline : غیر لچک دار اصول : (satellite adjective) firm and uncompromising.


Useful Words

Hawkish : جنگجو , Pyrene : پھلوں کے اندر پائی جانے والی گٹھلی , Kink : الجھاو , Cycloid : گول , Bottom Line : حساب کتاب میں نفع نقصان ظاہر کرنے والی آخری لکیر , Branch Line : ریل پٹڑی کی چھوٹی سی شاخ , Line Of Scrimmage : فٹبال کے میدان میں ڈالی جانے والی خط , Perpendicular : عمود , Array : ترتیب دینا , Line Up : قطار لگانا , Wallop : خوب مارنا , Bash : زور سے مارنا , Blast : زور سے مارنا , Asperity : سخت گیری , Abrade : رگڑ نا , Dig : محنت کرنا , Ossify : سخت ہونا , Walloper : مکے باز شخص , Trying : دشوار , Tug : کھینچنا , Difficult : بے قابو , Unbeatable : ناقابل شکست , Blow : پھونکنا , Harden : سخت تر کر دینا , Horse Trader : بہترین سودے باز , Seed : گٹھلی , Hard : کڑا , Break One's Back : سخت محنت کرنا , Battered : سخت استعمال سے خراب , Creaky : خستہ حال , Tug : زور اور کوشش سے کھینچنا

Useful Words Definitions

Hawkish: disposed to warfare or hard-line policies.

Pyrene: the small hard nutlet of a drupe or drupelet; the seed and the hard endocarp that surrounds it.

Kink: a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight.

Cycloid: a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line.

Bottom Line: the last line in an audit; the line that shows profit or loss.

Branch Line: a railway line connected to a trunk line.

Line Of Scrimmage: line parallel to the goal lines where football linesmen line up at the start of each play in American football.

Perpendicular: a straight line at right angles to another line.

Array: lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line.

Line Up: form a queue, form a line, stand in line.

Wallop: hit hard.

Bash: hit hard.

Blast: hit hard.

Asperity: something hard to endure.

Abrade: rub hard or scrub.

Dig: work hard.

Ossify: cause to become hard and bony.

Walloper: a very hard hitter.

Trying: hard to endure.

Tug: pull hard.

Difficult: hard to control.

Unbeatable: hard to defeat.

Blow: exhale hard.

Harden: become hard or harder.

Horse Trader: a hard bargainer.

Seed: a little hard fruit.

Hard: unfortunate or hard to bear.

Break One's Back: work very hard, like a slave.

Battered: damaged especially by hard usage.

Creaky: worn and broken down by hard use.

Tug: move by pulling hard.

Related Words

Inflexible : غیر مصالحت پسندانہ

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